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Help us empower the people of Nsoko (and provide healthy veggies for the kids at the carepoint) by starting a Community Garden in Swaziland!

The children at our carepoint in Nsoko, Swaziland, typically eat meals that consist of pap (maize meal), rice, or beans. These meals are not nutritious enough for them - especially when many are HIV+ and need a stronger immune system. So, our partners are planting a garden at the carepoint that will provide healthy vegetables like spinach, beetroot, carrots, onions and cabbage to supplement the kids' daily meals.

We want to take this project one step further. Gardening used to be commonplace in Swaziland, but in recent years a lack of water has made it impossible for most Swazis. Many families are struggling to survive on basic food items that continue to get more and more expensive. Their lives are made even more difficult by an unemployment rate of almost 70%.


There is an amazing well at our carepoint, with enough water to irrigate 10 plots in the garden. The first plot will be continually planted by the staff to provide food for the children at the carepoint, while the other 9 plots will be available for families in the community! Each plot has enough room for 2 families to garden side by side, and within that space there is enough land to produce food for the family and a surplus to sell in the market!

That means that 18 families in Nsoko could have nutritious food for their table AND an income from selling their vegetables! This is a project that will give a hand-up --- not a hand-out. We believe it has the potential to truly change this community for the better!

Your donation will provide a drip irrigation system for each plot in the garden, and a set of tools for each family (shovel, spade, hoe, pitchfork, and wheelbarrow). Any amount you can give will help one more family be a part of this incredible opportunity!

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