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Project Area- Part of the impenetrable forest

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Road to Communities

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Area sign

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Local School

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Community Meeting for Data Gathering

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Local Farming Practices

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Project Site- County Level

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Project Site- Province Level

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Project Site- Country Level

Size 550x415 dsc09775%20%28one%20of%20the%20community%20interviews %20sister%20one%20of%20the%20calitus%20community%20trainers%20on%20the%20extreme%20left.%20fr.%20paulinus%20in%20the%20centre%20with%20a%20cap%20and%20in%20boots%29

Community meeting to discuss sustainable farming program

We have met our goal, but purchase more goats with extra funds! -THIS PROJECT HAS NO OVERHEAD- 100% of funds go directly to the cause

Check out the project blog:

HELP 138 Families in Uganda over the next year with a sustainable agriculture program!!

Due to the generous support of many, we have raised our goal to $2,500 to account for the additional purchase of Goats!

PROJECT BACKGROUND: In 2011, my husband and I decided to start a sustainable agriculture initiative in Uganda, to support Batwa pygmy communities in Kabale and Kanungu districts of Uganda. The Batwa are some of the most marginalized people in Africa, evicted from their ancestral land in 1991 when the forests became national parks for gorilla conservation. Our main focus is to assist the Batwa (pygmy) families improve their social identity, nutritional, and income statuses through training and provision of crop seeds, farm implements and dairy goats.

The project goal is to improve the rural livelihood of 69 Batwa Pygmy and 69 vulnerable indigenous households. In order to achieve this goal, the project will directly assist 138 households (46 original, 92 POG) to improve their household annual food production, nutrition and income through dairy goats rearing and growing of Irish potatoes and vegetables. These families will be assisted through training in improved and sustainable farming practices and entrepreneurial skills.

To date, we collected $1,205 from friends and family and have begun the project.

For the success of the project, we still have to raise $3,239 to pay for farm inputs including:

  • $1,280 Goats – 8 Goats at $160/goat including transport to community
  • $1,887 Vegetable seeds- Cabbage, Tomato, Kale, Irish Potato Seeds
  • $72 Farming Equipment

Already purchased:

  • $1,037 travel for local trainers (72 trips)
  • $272 Farmer Trainings
  • In-country expert time and travel- personal funds utilized

PROJECT SUMMARY: The project will directly assist 138 households (46 original, 92 through PASSING ON THE GIFT).

WHAT IS PASSING ON THE GIFT: This means recipients/beneficiaries agree to share the offspring of animals or seeds, with others in need in their community. In addition, they train the people who receive these gifts on how to successfully raise the animals and/or how to grow the crops. This makes the project beneficiaries equal partners who are more engaged with us in the program. To learn more about this highly successful model for development, check out Chef Alton Brown as he discussed the approach created by Heifer International at the following link:

Objective 1: Increase Smallholder Irish potatoes and vegetables productivity and efficiency through seed multiplication and distribution.

Objective 2: Improve nutrition situation for children and women among the Batwa and neighboring families through consumption of dairy goats’ milk.

Project Methodology and Long-term Project Sustainability: This program will be implemented through June 2013. Selected members will be willing participants who, in addition to receiving inputs and training, commit some of their own resources to provide for dairy goats wellbeing. Batwa families will be given special priority during implementation of the Project.

Before receiving dairy goats and crop seeds, the participants must demonstrate that they have attained adequate skills and knowledge to manage the project activities. Program staff will facilitate intra-project and inter-project experience sharing amongst participants.

Participant selection criteria:

  • genuine need
  • previous participation in group activities
  • positive attitude towards work
  • willingness to share knowledge and benefits with other Batwa communities

Participants will sign a contract agreement with the project group to pass on gifts of goats, seeds and related knowledge and skills. This will deepen the security and expand the opportunity for greater community cohesion.

The group leaders will select the pass-on recipients. Prior to receiving the pass-ons, the recipient will be inspected by the project committee to ensure that the necessary requirements have been met.

Your contribution and generosity means a lot!

Thanks, Carmen + Victor

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