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Support Wolves Unable To Be Released To The Wild

Jennifer Scott's fundraiser for Wolf Haven International

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Each wolf needs to be cared for individually. Donations ensure they get the care they need to live long, healthy, happy lives.

I've always loved wolves, so when I was younger I visited Wolf Haven. It's a beautiful place that caters to wolves with various backgrounds and stories. Many were kept as pets, however, owners soon realized wolves aren'te meant to be kept in captivity. Wolf Haven takes them in and gives them a new lease on life. Every donation gives them proper food and shelter, as well as allows Wolf Haven to take in more wolves in need of their help. Your donation could make a difference.

  • $150 / month = Veterinarian care for one wolf
  • $150 / month = Food for one wolf
  • $100/ month = Wolf enclosure upkeep for one wolf
  • $100/ month = Enrichment items for all wolves
  • $50 / month = Care and maintenance items(buckets, pails, shovels etc.) for sanctuary
  • $25/ month = Pest control for entire sanctuary
  • $25/ month = Preventative medicines for one wolf
  • $20/ month = Special food treats for one wolf

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    Organization Information

    Wolf Haven International
    3111 Offut Lake Rd SE
    Tenino, WA 98589

    (360) 264-4695


    Wolf Haven International was founded in 1982 as a nonprofit educational corporation under and is supported entirely by private contributions. The Board of Directors, Staff and Trustees of Wolf Haven International have developed the following mission statement: "Working for Wolf Conservation." Wolf Haven International's objectives include: Protection of the remaining wild wolves and their habitat Promotion of wolf reestablishment in historic ranges Provision of a sanctuary for captive wolves Public education on the value of all wildlife Wolf Haven International develops programs and materials to be used both on and off-site in order to help others learn about the environment and about wolves and other wildlife, in the hope of fostering a greater respect for the natural world. Wolf Haven International's sanctuary provides a permanent home for captive-born gray wolves. A state-of-the-art facility for Mexican gray wolves was completed in 1994 and currently houses two brothers and an unrelated family of five of this most critically endangered North American gray wolf subspecies. As a participant of the Mexican Wolf Recovery Program, Wolf Haven International is one of many organizations in the United States and Mexico working cooperatively to ensure the future survival of not only the Mexican wolf, but also the whole ecosystem in which it plays such an important role. Wolf Have International conducts numerous seminar series for students of all ages and public land management personnel. Wolf Haven also works closely with federal and state agencies and supports wolf recovery efforts throughout the United States, including Washington.

    EIN: 911185727

    Reports: Guidestar

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