A 6-week-old yellow Labrador retriever puppy sleeps on a soft bed with his toys.

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A project of Seeing Eye, Inc.

Size 550x415 della

Della's litter of 4 Labrador retrievers was born on Sunday, 11/25!

Size 550x415 molly%27s%20pups%20%284%29%20 %20copy%20%28800x533%29

Molly, a black Labrdor retriever, gave birth to 5 healthy pupplies during the power outage from Hurricane Sandy.

Size 550x415 hettie%27s%20puppies%20%282%29%20 %20copy%20%28800x533%29

Hettie, a yellow Labrador retriever, gave birth to 6 healthy puppies during the power outage from Hurricane Sandy.

Size 550x415 molly%27s%20pups%20%283%29%20 %20copy%20%28800x533%29

One of Molly's yellow Labrador retriever puppies at just a few days old.

Size 550x415 molly%27s%20pups%20%281%29%20 %20copy%20%28800x533%29

Yellow and black Lab pups snuggle together from Molly's litter.

Size 550x415 hettie%27s%20puppies%20%2810%29%20 %20copy%20%28800x533%29

Two of Hetties yellow Labrador puppies pile on top of eachother as they sleep beside their mom.

Size 550x415 hettie%27s%20puppies%20%284%29%20 %20copy%20%28800x533%29

A yellow Labrador puppy sleeps next to Hettie.

Help support two litters of Seeing Eye puppies born during the power outage from Hurricane Sandy.

Update: We met our goal to feed Molly and Hettie's pups! Help us keep going strong! Della's litter was born on Sunday, Nov. 25, 2012, and is just one of dozens of litters of future Seeing Eye dogs born at The Seeing Eye each year. Your contribution helps ensure they get what they need to grow big and strong so they can be there for someone who needs them in the future!

The story: Molly, a black Labrador retriever, delivered her litter of Seeing Eye puppies by flashlight on Nov. 1. Hettie, a yellow Lab, delivered her puppies on Nov. 3.

Our goal is to raise $5,000, which is equivalent to the cost of feeding all of Molly and Hettie's puppies until they graduate from The Seeing Eye training program and are ready to be matched with a person who is blind or visually impaired.

The Story of Molly and Hettie's Puppies
The Seeing Eye’s breeding station is located in Chester, N.J., an area that was without power for up to two weeks, including the breeding station. We’re fortunate to have a backup generator, however, fuel was scarce immediately after the storm. Not knowing when the roads would be cleared, when power would be restored or when diesel would be available, The Seeing Eye was forced to schedule generator shut downs throughout the day to conserve fuel. Molly went into labor during one of these scheduled shut downs.

The Seeing Eye’s main campus in Morristown, N.J. was also without power for a week after the storm. When the storm hit, 22 students from across the United States were staying at the Morristown campus to participate in a 3 to 4 week training program with their new Seeing Eye dogs. The class was able to carry on with its training, virtually uninterrupted due to The Seeing Eye’s emergency generator. Unfortunately, due to the high cost of running two facilities on generator power, The Seeing Eye’s operating expenses have been higher than anticipated. Donations in support of The Seeing Eye are much appreciated.

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The oldest school in the world that breeds, raises and trains dogs to guide people who are blind, greatly enhancing their mobility.

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