45 day Ultra Marathon from San Francisco to New York City for Aspergers / Autism


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Steve Knowlton is running from San Francisco to New York City in 45 days to raise funds for people with Asperger’s / Autism Nationwide!

For 15 Days I ran an average of 2 1/2 marathons a day to reach the goal of the fastest man to run across America I am doing it to raise funds and awareness for Aspergers / Autism and I need your help! While I've been on the road and on many national TV & radio interviews, I have raised awareness and money for Aspergers / Autism through a Non-Profit organization called ANSWER (

In partnering with ANSWER(Asperger’s Network Support) Greensneakers( and Koko FitClub( I am able to serve a community in need and all of those touched by Asperger’s / Autism plus help a green initiative.

While I fought hard and my body finally gave out. I still intend to keep my goal in raising $20,000 for Asperger's/Autism. Please donate now so we can acheive this goal.

You can also donate gently used tennis shoes to any KokoFitClub to help raise funds and help those in need.

In 2010, I ran from Seattle, WA to Key Largo, FL - 3,717 miles in 100 days. In the past, I've run a total of 46 marathons, 17 ultra-marathons and during training for my 2013 World Record Run, I run between 25 to 70 miles a day.

In 2009, I met author and marathon runner, Terry Hitchcock, who ran from St. Paul, Minnesota to Atlanta during the 1996 Olympic Games. Impressed and inspired by Terry who ran the equivalent of a marathon a day for 75 continuous days. It was then that I knew I had to run across America anddo whatever it took to accomplish it for those who are affected by Aspergers / Autism.

Because of someone very close to me, I had some questions about Asperger’s Syndrome. Terry introduced me to ANSWER. They were able to help me to understand Aspergers / Autism and how it impacts individuals and families. After learning more about Autism / Aspergers, I know it's what I was meant to run for.

Our goal is to raise at least $20,000 for Aspergers / Autism from my run. A portion of the funds will be used to help with food and lodging during my run across America and the rest of the funds will go to helping Aspergers /Autism via the ANSWER non-profit group.

ANSWER offers a holistic approach from diagnosis to independent living by making resources available and advocating for affordable intervention and support programs.

So please help me spread Aspergers / Autism awareness across America and help people affected with Autism by donating what you can today.

Thank you!

-Steve Knowlton

The Mission & Goals of ANSWER ( is....

To develop a better understanding and create awareness of Asperger’s Syndrome, HFA, PDD-NOS for the public throughout the United States and the world

To promote the education and training of those with Asperger’s Syndrome,HFA, PDD-NOS and to foster the development of integrated care on their behalf

To further the education and training of parents and professional personnel for training, educating, and caring for those with Asperger’sSyndrome, HFA, PDD-NOS

To promote and advocate for the general welfare of those impacted by Asperger’s Syndrome, HFA, PDD-NOS

To serve as a clearing house for gathering resources and disseminating information for those with Asperger’s Syndrome, HFA, PDD-NOS, and their families

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We are a network that advocates for individuals and families living with Aspergers/Autism. We are here for you!

EIN: 800120494

Reports: Guidestar

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