Marlene Halverson

Standing Ground (working title)

Marlene Halverson 's fundraiser for IFP MINNESOTA CENTER FOR MEDIA ARTS

Size 550x415 farmer%20with%20pigs%20in%20forest%20square

Forest-ranging pigs -- Eastern Europe

Size 550x415 making%20porridge%20for%20the%20pigs%20returning%20from%20the%20forest

Making evening porridge for pigs returning from the forest-Eastern Europe

Size 550x415 interviewing%20a%20farmer%20about%20his%20cattle

Interviewing a dairy farmer and orchard owner-Eastern Europe

Size 550x415 calves%20with%20their%20mothers%20on%20an%20organic%20minnesota%20dairy%20farm

Calves raised with their mothers on a 90-cow Minnesota organic dairy farm

Size 550x415 filming%20a%20restored%20prairie%20on%20an%20iowa%20pig%20farm%20small

Filming a restored prairie on an Iowa free-range pig farm

Size 550x415 free%20range%20pigs%20iowa%20farm%20small

Piglets running on an Iowa free-range pig farm

Size 550x415 swedish%20winter%20outside%20in%20square%20copy

Cozy quarters on a pig farm during a snowy Swedish winter

Size 550x415 margot%20givemn%20thumbnail

Free-range chicken farming in Africa using locally-adapted breeds

Size 550x415 filming%20africa%20small

Filming in Africa

Size 550x415 manager%2c%20egg%20packing%20station%20african%20free range%20poultry%20farm%20sq

Manager, egg packing station, free-range poultry farm in Africa

Size 550x415 interviewing%20a%20volunteer%20brick%20maker%20on%20an%20african%20sustainable%20farming%20project%20square

Interviewing a brickmaker on a sustainable farming project in Africa

Size 550x415 breeding%20barn%20on%20a%20kansas%20free range%2c%20heritage%20poultry%20farm%20square

Barn for chickens on a Kansas free-range heritage poultry farm

Size 550x415 heritage%20turkeys%20kansas%20free%20range%20poultry%20farm

Heritage turkeys on a free-range Kansas poultry farm

Size 550x415 filming%20450 cow%20pasture%20dairy%20farm%20in%20wisconsin%20square

Filming a 450-cow pasture dairy farm in Wisconsin

Size 550x415 raw%20milk%20cheese wisconsin%20450 cow%20pasture%20dairy%20farm

Raw milk cheese - 450-cow pasture dairy farm in Wisconsin

Help Field Productions create a compelling soundtrack for this unique documentary about animal-friendly, sustainable, and equitable farming

Standing Ground explores how the unrestrained commodification of food production -- particularly the industrialization and globalization of food production from animals -- affects individuals, communities, animals, and the environment, contributes to biodiversity loss, climate change, and food insecurity.

Using stories of change and tradition, Standing Ground suggests that putting into practice a more informed ethic concerning the animals we raise for food is central to a socially just and ecologically sound and sustainable farming and food system.

In Standing Ground, scientists whose specialty is animal welfare explain how studying animal welfare increases our understanding of the biology and behaviors of farmed animal species and what they need to experience a high quality of life. Farmers in developed and developing countries show how this knowledge helps them farm in harmony with nature and enriches both animal lives and the public good. Consumers express their demands for ecologically responsible farming and safe, high quality food from animals. Policymakers, government officials, educators, and social visionaries illuminate key social and environmental justice issues linked to animal welfare.

Children feature prominently in the film, exhibiting their appreciation and describing their aspirations for the animals they love. Their sensibilities embody the world’s hope for a more compassionate and sustainable future, exemplifying the family friendly nature of farming in harmony with nature.

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