St. Stephen's Human Services

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Helping a gentleman who was homeless for many years move into an apartment!

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Ending a family's homelessness improves parent-child relationships and helps decrease generational poverty.

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We're topnotch! Less than 10% spent on administration and fundraising!

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We educate the public about homelessness in our own community in a variety of ways, including theater!

Our mission is to end homelessness.

By the time people come to St. Stephen's Human Services they have often reached their lowest low, and they arrive with seemingly impossible stories of struggle. Below are the stories of real people, the hard news we hear every day. The better news is that all of the people in these stories received help from St. Stephen’s. The help they received is backed by nationally recognized strategies, community partnerships, and decades of experience.

  • An extended family faces eviction due to foreclosure and is looking for a one-time financial bridge to prevent them from becoming homeless...
  • A two-time military service veteran with health problems and a poor credit history is homeless for the first time...
  • A young woman whose birthday made her too old for foster care is looking for shelter...
  • A family is sleeping in their car because the children are afraid of shelters and being separated from their parents...

Our range of programs approach the complicated issue of homelessness through housing,emergency services, and systems change. Some people are able to quickly get back on their feet; for others the journey home will take a little longer, but for St. Stephen's, no story is too difficult, no situation is impossible. Please support our work by making a donation. Help us to be ready to meet people in all their suffering and to offer them a way out. Your gift makes the difference.

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St. Stephen's Human Services
2309 Nicollet Avenue S
Minneapolis, MN 55404

(612) 879-7636



Our mission is to end homelessness.

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