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Help an orphan in Nicaragua stay in school and off the streets. Empower her to break the cycle of poverty.

Marluz (pictured above) lives in a barrio (slum) outside Granada, Nicaragua. Her life has been extremely tough. She comes from a very poor family, worked all through her childhood and, tragically, was recently orphaned. She was able to live with her brother after her mother passed, but he has become addicted to drugs and recently left the house. He was the one paying for her living expenses. In terms of family, Marluz is now completely on her own.

However, she is not completely alone ... she has the support of Empowerment International, and people like Glennis and Steve, who are helping to support her through this difficult time.

Although she is 16, Marluz is only in 7th grade as she started school so late. However, she is extremely dedicated in her studies and last year she finished 1st in her class. This year she was selected as one of the first participants in Empowerment International's pilot program that puts high school kids into a private school and she continues to do very well. It is her dream to work in tourism. Unfortunately, due to her recent family events Marluz decided she would need to quit school in order to pay her living expenses. She does not want to, and in fact is extremely dedicated to completing her education, but she does need to eat.

This is where you come in. Empowerment International has persuaded Marluz not to quit school, but instead they will try to find help for her. Marluz has estimated that she needs about $100 per month for basic food and hygiene items. Unfortunately EI does not have a budget for this, so the money needs to be raised as a special cause. In return for these living expenses, Marluz has agreed to assist with the EI photography program, and will continue to tutor younger children in the program on a daily basis.

Could you spare a small amount each month to help Marluz? Even if 10 of us pledged just $10 a month, we'd be able to keep her off the streets and working towards an education that can break this cycle of poverty she's suffered these last 16 years. THANK YOU for any contribution!

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