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The Shoreview Community Foundation makes grants to maintain, enhance and enrich the quality of life in Shoreview, Minnesota.

The Shoreview Community Foundation was established in 2008 by a group of Shoreview residents looking for a way to fund grants to enrich the quality of life in Shoreview. The Foundation captures the pride of so many residents and friends of Shoreview who enjoy the high quality of life in our community and want to give so that current and future challenges can be meet. Donations to the Foundation are tax-deductible gifts and create a permanent general endowment fund from which grants may awarded to eligible non-profit groups operating in Shoreview.

The current focus areas for community grants are arts and cultural activities; recreational places such as parks, trails, open space, wetlands and woodlands; education and leadership development; historical preservation; and social and human services. Focus areas are determined by the local advisory board and can be changed depending upon needs of the community.

About Shoreview Shoreview residents are proud of protecting our natural environment of 11 lakes, over 1,400 acres of parkland and open spaces and an extensive park system of 10 city parks, 3 Ramsey County parks and 1 regional park. Shoreview is one of the few cities designated as bike friendly cities in all of Minnesota with over 40 miles of off-road trails connecting major destinations and along major roads. Residents of Shoreview are served by excellent schools in the Mounds View and Roseville Public School Districts. However, there are severe limitations in what can be done in community education and leadership development. Projects by non-profit groups may be funded by the Foundation to create and expand educational efforts in the community.

Investing in the Shoreview Community Arts, music and other cultural activities are clear examples of community enrichment that can be expanded by successful fund-raising through the Foundation. Residents want to look within the city for arts and cultural activities to complement arts and cultural activities in the larger Twin Cities area.

As Shoreview matures, historical preservation becomes increasingly important. It is now critical to preserve significant buildings, historical records and early family artifacts. We cannot look entirely to government for this preservation. The Foundation can be a vehicle for donating buildings or artifacts so that future generations will know about this part of our past.

Current demographic information regarding Shoreview indicates that the majority of people choose to stay in Shoreview long after their children have grown. They appear to have great loyalty and affection for their hometown and hold on to their family homes much longer than is typical in other communities. In the past, some people have attempted to leave estate gifts to the City but the process is cumbersome and it is difficult to specify how those gifts might be used, especially if the family is looking for a tax-deductible opportunity. Also, people are reluctant to simply make a gift to the City unless they can specify a specific park, open space, organization, or a historical site that might need to be preserved.

Leave a Lasting Legacy The Shoreview Community Foundation is the perfect place for residents to leave a lasting legacy to benefit the community that provided them with so many happy family memories. The process of giving, either through stocks, land or cash, is quite simple because of the administrative support provided by the St. Paul Foundation. Their gifts can then become part of a lasting endowment that will serve Shoreview long into the future, or they can be specified for a specific purpose of their own choosing. Those gifts are then distributed by the local advisory board, composed of Shoreview residents who know the community well and understand where the most pressing needs might be.

As local government faces pressing budgetary issues, it becomes obvious that some of the amenities that enrich our community will need to be met through charitable donations and it is a lasting way for residents to give back to the community that gave them so much.

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