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#Shave4Syria: We Mustache You For Donations

SOS Freedom 's fundraiser for ZAKAT FOUNDATION OF AMERICA


As the Syrian Revolution enters its third year, the amount of humanitarian aid needed is tremendous. Do your part, Donate to Syrian Orphans!

#Shave4Syria strikes again but this time, there’s a new twist. As an ASU club, we know most of you college students are extremely busy with finals right now. Stress levels are high and leisure time is scarce. So, we have created this campaign with two purposes:

Since times are stressful, we’re going to relieve an output to that stress. We’re going to give you some entertainment so that you can take a break from that 3,000 word final paper or that textbook you’ve been staring at blankly for hours. Arizona State University senior and Save Our Syrian Freedom club member, Tarek Kaakani, will be taking dares for every orphan that we sponsor. That means that with every $600 we raise, Tarek Kaakani will make a video for your entertainment with the top most voted on dare. And when we have raised $3,000, enough to sponsor 5 orphans, Tarek will shave the mustache he has been growing for more than a month now.

Click here to watch Tarek’s story:

But although we will be keeping this light and entertaining for you, our foremost goal is to sponsor 5 Syrian Orphans for a year. All proceeds will be going to the Syrian Orphans project through Zakat Foundation where 100% of the money goes directly to aiding these Orphans who embody the strength the of the Syrian people. They embody strength when they wake up every morning and realize that they have lost their parents. They embody strength when they get through the day in a refugee camp or in a city where they can be bombed at any moment. They embody the strength of the Syrian people that need your help. A simple donation might mean one lunch or a ticket to the movies to you, but to the little child who will be receiving food for your donation, that simple donation means the world.

These orphans need YOU:

Follow this link for more information on the Syrian Orphans projects:

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Zakat Foundation of America (ZF) in an international charity organization that helps generous and caring people reach out to those in need.

EIN: 364476244

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