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Anaïs Alvarado 's fundraiser for Christ's Church of the Valley

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100% of your donations will fund for my missions trip this June to Chile! Every dollar will get me one step closer to my goal!

Hello There!

For those of you that do not know I have been given the opportunity by Christ Church of the Valley (CCV) to join their missions’ team this June in Chile. I am beyond thrilled and blessed to have been given this opportunity to fulfill God’s work in another country!

The primary goals for Chile missionaries of CCV are to fund relief to the city of Iloca and to create an after school program for Chilean students. An earthquake occurred in Chile on February 27, 2010 with the magnitude of 8.8 which triggered tsunamis that devastated several towns in south central Chile, one of them being the city of Iloca. Our team’s responsibility is to reach out to Iloca by being part of construction. We also have the chance to reach out to a local school and create an after school program for Chilean students. Each of our team members will be working in different parts of our program such as sports, video class, music, and tutoring. I have been given the chance to tutor one on one with different Chilean students. Although we have such a short time I believe that our team will have such an impact on these students of encouragement and hope!

This is my first mission’s trip, and as excited as I am, I am also very nervous. God has wonderful works that need to be done in Chile! I ask for your prayers for myself and my team that we prepare ourselves spiritually, emotionally, mentally, physically, and financially. Each Chile team member must individually raise 2,500 dollars by June. I understand that times are tough in the economic crisis that we are in, but even if you are able to fund at least 1 dollar, it is greatly appreciated and is one step closer to my goal! The funds pay for not only my trip, but also goes towards funding relief to Iloca and creating our after school program. Whether you are led to support in your prayers or financially I am absolutely grateful!

Thank You for All your Support!

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Reports: Guidestar

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