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Your donations go toward God's call for us to plant a Witnessing, Discipling, Community in Every Sub-Culture of the U of M.

Several years ago God gave us the call to plant a Witnessing/Discipling Community (WDC) in every sub–culture of the University. A WDC is a band of followers of Jesus who "support one another in the word and prayer and reach out in redemptive friendships". more... They share their lives together. They spur one another on to love and good deeds. They are a small "simple church". They multiply and start other small simple churches to fill the campus and the world. Some of these WDC’s have connection with a larger expression of the body of Christ (the kind of churches that meet in buildings and have programs)…some do not. We feel that God is giving this call to many on the campus to whom we have no formal connection, except that we love each other and try and help each other wherever we can. Our desire is to be part of God’s world–wide movement of multiplying "simple churches". We have so much to learn that we hesitate to make too many proclamations (fortunately there is always the delete key!). We feel like we can best describe our ministry team as a band of missionaries. Each of us targets a different area but we all support one another and have a common goal. Some of our team provide specific kinds of ministry, such as recovery and prayer ministry for people struggling with addiction and those needing healing. The one thing we seem to do best is to mobilize and support those with a call to bring the gospel to the campus. Our team longs for real community (God save us from professional ministry!) and we truly want to love one another. We are learning in this as well. We have a motto for our team: For God above all For one another For the university Keys that have been impacting us: Acts 13 –– Waiting on God, being in that intimate place with Jesus where we hear his voice and feel his heart for us and those he is sending us to. Luke 10 –– Jesus' method for sending his disciples out two by two; looking for a "person of peace" ( a key person in a social group with an openness to God ) to establish a new community of disciples. Spectacular failures –– How can we learn from them? The grace of God –– it’s way better than we know! Obedience–based vs. knowledge–based discipleship –– learn, then apply; pray and obey. It’s more important to apply what God shows us than passively learn for five years before we do anything. God’s Word as our discipleship manual through basic inductive Bible Study –– "What does it say? What does it mean? What is the Holy Spirit calling me to obey?" Jesus sent us out to preach the Gospel, heal the sick, and cast out demons –– We need to obey him in this. We need his power. Greg Silker

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Your donations go toward God's call for us to plant a Witnessing, Discipling, Community in Every Sub-Culture of the U of M.

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