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Saki recovering from blunt force injuries

Raising $5000 for a small, friendly dog who was beaten by a neighbor in Pittsburgh

UPDATE 10/6/13:

Thanks everyone for your overwhelming generosity. I spoke with Dr. Mikoloski (the neurologist at PVSEC ) and Rosalyn, Saki’s owner.

The good news is that Saki is progressively healing. If he
continues at his current rate, the vet will consider taking Saki off of anti-seizure medication in about six months. (The risk of liver toxicity due to prolonged use of the drug is greater than the risk of a potential seizure. If does have them again in the future, he would resume his medication.)

There is permanent damage, however. Saki balance is better,
but he will always stagger a bit as if he were drunk.. He probably will never regain eye sight in his one eye. He does see out of the other and the nerve may strengthen. I suppose we should be grateful that he has at least some vision which gives him a better quality of life.

On the legal front, I understand that the DA’s office is
going ahead and pressing charges of animal cruelty against Saki’s alleged perpetrator, Ms. Tairon Luster, in addition to a host of other charges. I don’t know if a court date has been set yet. Will keep you posted.

Saki will never fully recover from his injuries. However,
thanks to everyone’s generosity and his loving family, he does have a quality of life and a future. Thanks.


UPDATE 9/2/13: Thank you Pittsburghers and everyone else for all the donations you have raised so far. Amazing. And very heartwarming. Saki will be going back to PVSEC Tuesday, 9/3/13. We will keep you updated on his progress. We are continuing to raise funds in the event he needs extended treatment. You can also follow his story on Thank you.


Saki, a 9 year old American Eskimo dog, was savagely beaten by the neighbor with a 2x4. Saki is about 20 pounds, friendly and was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. The accused perpetrator has been arrested.

Saki experienced severe blunt force trauma to the head and is in stable condition, but a lot of pain. He is possibly blind and is being carefully monitored by the owner for additional seizures.

Because the observation and treatment may cost $5000, and the owner cannot afford his treatment, Saki is currently at home and in a lot of pain. If he has a future, he needs care at the Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Clinic(PVSEC) as soon as possible.

Vet care will be given only to the maximum amount of donations collected.

Please don't let Saki die because of the violent cruelty of others. Thanks.

Checks can also be sent to Animal Advocates, POB 8480, Pittsburgh, PA 15220. Please note on the check that it is for Saki's care.

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