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One of my shy friends from Pico-Union, Los Angeles

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The area that this particular kids club was held at was known predominately for gang violence.

A fundraiser to support MiddleTree's first Missions Trip!

I've spent a little over four months in Los Angeles. The first month, in an inner city, Hispanic district interning with a wonderful community project called the Nehemiah House, the next three with Youth With A Mission. Through these experiences I learned that, while LA boasted of beautiful beaches, temperatures, and celebrities, it had even more broken dreams, hearts, and people, all searching for something bigger than life had handed them.

I met kids who'd lost loved ones to the streets, found homeless men and women on nearly every block downtown, girls selling their bodies just to get enough food to make it through another day, and people who lacked nothing, and yet were living with such an impoverishment of their soul that, unlike even the girls on the streets, they no longer even wanted to make it to another day. Such a contradiction of a city, with everything and nothing at the same time.

While the pulse of the city has some heartbreaking undertones, there’s no denying that there’s a beat of hope pulsing through, as well. In my time there I got to partner with several really phenomenal organizations who were really making a difference in the lives of people all around the city, which is what makes returning to help one of them so exciting.

The Dream Center works with an astounding 50,000 people a month, helping with anything from housing and rehabilitation, to street outreach, food assistance, holistic healing (physical, mental, and spiritual health), life skills, basic education, homeless ministry, and more. It goes above and beyond in meeting not just the physical needs of people, but the educational, emotional, and spiritual needs as well. It is kind of crazy to think about all the lives they touch in a single month, but it would not be possible without the help of teams of volunteers who come down to work for them.

Whiccch, as you may have guessed, is where MiddleTree comes in. :)

MiddleTree is a new church, founded only this past January, whose goal is to bridge the divide between South and North Delmar – a historic division in Saint Louis between black and white, wealth and poverty. Now, only a year after launching, I am really excited to say that we are leading a small, diverse team who has experienced the power of coming together despite differences in to a new city, in an effort to love, share, and give all we’ve got, as well as learn all we can! This is the pioneering Missions Team for MiddleTree, and we’re hoping to return and really put our knowledge in to action. Inspired by the transforming work of the dream center, we want to come back to our community and see what we might be able to do to touch Saint Louis in similar ways, as well as set a foundation for leading others into urban outreach.

Donating to the Sara Owens (General Team Fund) means that your donation is going to be dispersed either throughout the entire team, or directly to the member(s) who need it the most. By donating you are investing in the LA Dream Center as well as the life of a future leader in the Saint Louis Community, and that’s a rare and exciting opportunity! (Especially for this team. I’m just going to say it, they are awesome, and I can’t wait to see what happens in their lives).

If you would like to donate towards a specific person, please click on their name under the leaderboard and donate from there. Thanks!

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A church that will bring life to a division in Saint Louis, MO. Our mission is to change lives through increasing devotion to Jesus.

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