Running for a Reason: Lucas' Race to Support GlobeMed at University of Cincinnati

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Support Lucas as he runs the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon in support of GlobeMed at UC and Social Action for Women

Who I am// Lucas Bezerra, senior at University of Cincinnati, studying Communication

My mission// Running for a reason

On May 6, I will be running the second marathon of my life. I am at the tail end of my training for the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon that is to take place in less than one month! This time around, I wanted to do something different. As you can probably understand, I spend many more hours training than I do running the race. Every time I went out running, I wanted to do so for a purpose. At the beginning it was reviewing my undergraduate course material, pondering my own existence and sometimes listening to podcasts. As the training continued and the miles got longer, my mind and body began to experience NEED. I needed a stretch, sustenance, a companion, and water. You see, I love running but these distances got extreme and experiencing this need encouraged me to wonder what I would do if these needs were not self-inflicted; if I was in some way stifled by things outside of my power.

Running and GlobeMed

After one of these long runs, I went to attend a weekly organizational meeting of which I am a part of called GlobeMed. At that meeting, it occurred to me that I could begin to run all these miles for a purpose that fulfilled not just my needs, but the needs of others. Six members of our chapter will travel to Thailand in December to assist in efforts to improve the lives of these refugees. Unfortunately, I cannot be one of those students because I will be working on research within the discipline of communication theory. This research will help me work towards completing a master’s degree in communication. Since I cannot go, I am an integral part of GlobeMed at UC's mission to raises money for each of the causes mentioned below. Please read on about the issues that have become so important to me. Keep these women and children in Thailand in your kind thoughts and prayers. As a member of GlobeMed and as a UC student who is working towards a wonderful cause in helping others, I would really appreciate your help!

What is GlobeMed?

GlobeMed is a network of college-based chapters all over the US which partner, one on one, with grassroots health organizations in developing countries. We strive to improve the health of people living in poverty and to advance the movement for global health equity.

Our Partner//Social Action for Women in MaeSot, Thailand

GlobeMed at UC is partnered with Social Action for Women (SAW). SAW works with Burmese women and children who have fled Burma due to the recent political unrest in that country. Displaced from their homes and families, with no legal status or means of earning an income, these women and children are prone to exploitation, human trafficking, and sexual slavery. SAW combats these issues head on with basic health care and health education classes, emergency shelters, schooling for the children, and income generation projects for adults.

Our Project// $6,000 for a Community Health Outreach Program

SAW and GlobeMed at UC are collaborating on the Community Healthcare Outreach Program, or CHOP. The goal of CHOP is to venture out into the rural Phop Phra area and begin to disseminate important lessons about basic and reproductive healthcare. Ten, day-long sessions will be held in 10 different rural communities, with approximately 30 adult community members participating in each. Trained SAW employees will conduct workshops and also solicit feedback from participants about what they perceive as the most pressing issues, so as to conduct more targeted workshops in the future.

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GlobeMed partners university students with grassroots organizations around the world to improve the health of people living in poverty.

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