Sea Turtle Release after cold-stun rehabilitation

Roxanne the Risso's Dolphin


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Roxanne was last tracked to be 600 miles offshore from Newfoundland on Wednesday, 9/4/13.

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Roxanne was aboard the Sea Wolf vessel, and was taken 20 miles off shore.

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Roxanne's release on Wednesday, 8/28.

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Roxanne at play

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Rescuing Roxanne

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Roxanne was successfully released! We thank everyone who has supported our efforts. Visit our website to track her via satellite.

On Thursday, June 6, 2013 the Riverhead Foundation for Marine Research and Preservation was alerted by the USCG Fire Island that a large dolphin was struggling on a sandbar just south of Oak Beach on Jones Beach Island in Babylon, New York.

The team was transported to the site by U.S. Coast Guard Fire Island to rescue Roxanne, the 9 foot adult female Risso’s dolphin, who was later found to be struggling from dehydration and gastric bleeding. They transported her via stretcher to a nearby residential beach. The approximately 600 pound dolphin was then loaded within a rescue vehicle and transported to the Long Island Aquarium in Riverhead, New York. This is the place that Roxanne, the very special Risso's Dolphin, has called her home ever since.

Roxanne is now healthy and thriving. She eats over 75 pounds of squid each day, and interacts with staff along with her enrichment devices. Roxanne is ready to be released back to her true home.

Unfortunately, this past winter was the largest cold-stunning season that the Riverhead Foundation has experienced and funding has been drawn to a minimum. Roxanne will require a team of eighteen animal care members, a crane, a transport truck and a vessel that will carry her offshore.

Additionally, Roxanne will be given a satellite tracking device, in order to provide data on where she travels after her release. These efforts are extremely costly and will require additional funding to complete. That's where you can help. Join us in our efforts to raise money for Roxanne. You'll find a donation section on our page. We hope you will be a part of her journey.

Our organization rehabilitated and released the first Risso's Dolphin on record in 2005. Now, it's Roxanne's turn!

You can visit Roxanne in real-time on our website, at this link: Control the live camera and find out what she's up to in her tank.

More Background Information on Roxanne: Risso’s Dolphin is a large dolphin species frequently found offshore along the steep shelf-edge habitats between 400-1000 meters deep. They are characterized by a bulbous head and coloration, which although dark gray to brown when young, changes dramatically with age. As they mature, they lighten and the majority of their skin is marked with linear white scars. Risso’s dolphins feed predominately on squid.

To find out more about what to do if you should encounter a marine mammal or sea turtle: Call us at (631) 369-9840 or our 24-hour hotline at (631) 369-9829. For other rescues and what we are all about, visit

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