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4 Handsome Russians

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Giving bright children from struggling nations to come to America for a shot at the American Dream.

The Renaissance Project is a classic American tale of never giving up, no matter the odds. Our genesis occurred during the first months of "The Great Recession" with me, the founder of this adventurous endeavor, crashing in the guest room of a friend's home, unemployed, and with the insanely illogical belief that I could make this dream happen, the dream of helping children get a shot at the America Dream. With the housing bubble bursting around me in South Florida, and the unemployment rate climbing higher and higher, I kept plugging along.

Fast forward a few hard years, four addresses, three jobs and four boys later and it IS happening. We now have a program that shares with bright children from around the world what it means to pursue the American Dream. Currently, we have four Russian boys enrolled at our partner school Academy at the Lakes, in Land O Lakes, Florida. Gleb, Max and Daniil are our 5-year veterans with Tioma, our newest addition, a yearling.

As a result of a childlike belief in the impossible, a lot of hard work and some key supporters we are changing lives! The boys collectively had one B (an 88%) in the past quarter, are all fluent in English, and get rave reviews from everyone they meet. Teachers admire the boys' dedication, mom admire their sacrifice (and that of the boys' mothers), and dads' note their confidence and good manners.

We are proud of our boys but need your continued support to keep them here. We encourage you to become a part of this life-changing cause, by donating today. We ask that you please consider becoming a monthly sponsor, it will make a huge difference!

From a borrowed bed in a friend's house to a full fledge program with thriving students, we are doing it. We can help more kids if you'll chip in today.

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Giving bright children from struggling nations to come to America for a shot at the American Dream.

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