Size 550x415 tiger pool

This is one of our Amur tigers, Lana, enjoying a nice dip in the pool.

Size 550x415 lion

Apollo, one of the handsome lions you'll find here.

Size 550x415 dscn1523

A couple members of our spider monkey troop.

Size 550x415 dscn1534

Scooter, a chimpanzee, enjoys a frozen treat.

Size 550x415 dscn1529

Our meerkats are very curious.

Size 550x415 african%20crested%20porcupine

Watch out! These African crested porcupines can give you quite a poke.

Size 550x415 dscn1542

Amigo loves to graze!

Size 550x415 waterbuck

The waterbuck keeps an eye on what you're doing.

Size 550x415 ibis

Waldrapp ibis are a critically endangered species, and we recently had two hatch! Come check them out.

Size 550x415 dscn1505

Like reptiles? We've got more than this iguana at the zoo!

Size 550x415 dscn1514

Gilbert is a two-toed sloth. Chances are good you'll find him sleeping in his hide box.

Size 550x415 ghlt baby

Golden-headed lion tamarins are full of energy. This is one of our young ones.

Size 550x415 petting%20zoo

The petting zoo animals would love for you to visit!

Size 550x415 bobcat

Bobcats like to nap most of the day, but when they're awake they can be very fun to watch.

Size 550x415 raccoon

Raccoons are great climbers. Come see for yourself!

Size 550x415 dscn1519

Say hello to our bald eagle, Betsy Ross! If you're lucky she might say hi back.

A safe, and exciting place for discovery and learning in the Nebraska Panhandle.

Our mission:

To inspire a sense of awe and stewardship for the natural world by supporting conservation, education, discovery and recreation.

Who we are:

Presently, the Riverside Discovery Center is a small, AZA accredited zoo in Scottsbluff, NE, and Wildlife World Natural History Museum in Gering, NE.

The zoo houses and cares for 60 different species, made up of over 130 individual animals! Many of our animals are endangered or protected species, as well. Some of the animals you can expect to see are Amur tigers, lions, swift fox, Waldrapp ibis, addax, spider monkeys, and chimpanzees.

Wildlife World is home to an impressive taxidermy collection, with over 500 specimens on display from 6 continents! Open since 1991, the muesum is a well known attraction in the area.

Our future plans include an expansion, with the construction of a new building. The design is a remodeling of our current entrance with two new additions. The left side will be home to a brand new children's museum, while the right will be the future home of Wildlife World Natural History museum. Once accomplished, the Riverside Discovery Center will comprise a zoo, children's museum, and natural history museum all in one location. This is a very exciting project, and we hope to complete it soon!

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Organization Information

A safe, and exciting place for discovery and learning in the Nebraska Panhandle.

EIN: 880410861

Reports: Guidestar


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