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Radiant Church is a new, life-giving church being launched in South Metro Atlanta, along the I-75 South Corridor in McDonough, GA.

God's Call to Us

Most of you may know by now that my family and I are launching Radiant Church in our hometown of McDonough, GA in early 2013. We've lived in the South Metro Atlanta for 19 years--Chris has lived here most of her life--and I can honestly say this is where we are supposed to be. Not only is this area home, we also feel a calling to be here. We’ve studied the area extensively and, although most of Metro Atlanta considers the southern portion of the metropolitan area to be the “least,” we know otherwise and passionately believe that there is a great need for more multi-generational, multi-cultural, life-giving churches to be birthed here. After years of preparation, we feel the time is right now for us to launch Radiant Church. We are so thoroughly convinced that this is the right thing to do, that my family has determined together that we are “all in.” We have staked our dreams, security, incomes, and everything on this call from God.

Launching a Life-Giving Church

What you may not realize is that we have to raise a sizable amount of money in a short time to do this well. Years of research and studying others who have started life-giving churches of excellence have helped me to understand that we need to raise at least $100,000 just to purchase all of the “stuff” that it takes to launch successfully.

That “stuff” includes: materials for nursery, preschool, and children’s ministry; community outreach and marketing projects; loads of equipment and furniture; and of course, a place to meet and the necessary resources to create a welcoming and excellent environment to all those who don’t have a church home that we are praying for God to send our way. This is not an insignificant work that God has called us to so we are praying and asking God to send us all the resources that we need and believing that He will move on the hearts of those who are supposed to help us in some way.

How You Can Help

Now, I understand that most of my friends don’t have $100K lying around. I do believe, however, in the collective power of working together and I am neither embarrassed nor ashamed to ask you to help. Here’s what I’d like to ask you to do:

  1. Pray – More than anything, please call on our big God to send us all that we need to accomplish His purpose through Radiant Church.
  2. Tell – If you know of someone who lives in the South Metro area who does not have a church home, please tell them about Radiant Church and send us their names and contact info, if they don’t mind. You can also “Like” our Radiant Church Facebook page and recommend it to your friends.
  3. Give – Even if you’re not the one who has the $100K sitting around, you probably could help us buy a church chair or two or more. Here’s how you can think about it: an average church chair costs around $33. (Trust me - we’ll shop around and get the best deal we can find on chairs and everything else!) Think of your donation in terms of how many chairs it could buy. The breakdown is listed in the column to the top right.

Thinking of your gift as something tangible helps you see that this is an amazing investment in eternity! As we listed above, we have more needs than just chairs. So there are many ways your financial gift can support this move of God. If you'd like a more detailed list of the budget categories, we’d be glad to send it to you. All gifts are tax-deductible.

Chris and I, along with all of our Launch Team, can't thank you enough for helping us begin this exciting journey. Blessings on you and yours.

Randal McNeill

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Radiant Church
950 Eagle Landing Parkway
Suite 428 Stockbridge, GA 30281

404-5 SOUTH 4 (404-576-8844)


Radiant Church is a new, life-giving church being launched in South Metro Atlanta, along the I-75 South Corridor in McDonough, GA.

EIN: 461374529

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