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Experts have identified Project SUCCESS as a high-impact nonprofit in access to arts and culture in Minnesota.

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This organization has earned the GuideStar Exchange Seal, demonstrating its commitment to transparency.

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We believe in the power of kids to accomplish anything they set out to do. Do you?

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Our Vision: Every child entering middle school will graduate high school with a plan for his or her future.

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Project SUCCESS works with students every month during our goal-setting workshops in their English classrooms.

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Project SUCCESS serves each student in every school for up to seven years. They do not need to find us - we come to them

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Project SUCCESS brings students and their families to the theater, offering free tickets, transportation and childcare.

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Project SUCCESS brings over 600 students on tours to 35 college/university campuses annually.

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Project SUCCESS brings over 140 students annually on a week-long canoe trip to the BWCA.

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Project SUCCESS produces three full-scale musicals starring students at three Minneapolis middle schools.

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Project SUCCESS helps Minneapolis and St. Paul 8th graders successfully transition to high school.

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Anwatin students sing at a Minnesota Twins game during our annual event Fielding Dreams, celebrating our work with kids.

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Project SUCCESS brings Northeast Middle School Students on a workshop at Xelias Aerial Arts.

Each year, we ask 12,000 youth what they want to do with their lives. We listen. Then we help them take action.

HOPE IS POWERFUL – without hope, kids are less motivated, less engaged, and less likely to succeed. Project SUCCESS began 20 years ago helping students articulate their dreams and develop confidence and skills to achieve their goals. For many, our work with them gave them the hope they needed to envision a bright futures for themselves and take action.

Today we serve nearly 12,000 students in 16 Minneapolis and Saint Paul public schools. We are in ALL SEVEN core Minneapolis high schools.

Serving the whole child over time, from 6th through 12th grade, Project SUCCESS helps students develop the skills, support, confidence and motivation to set and achieve their goals and graduate with plans for their futures. We meet young people where they are without judgment, using outcomes-based programming.

9 in 10 high school students report that Project SUCCESS helps them think about their future, set goals and create a plan for after graduation.

When asked who "assisted them in future planning" 89% of high school students rated Project SUCCESS ahead of friends, counselors and teachers and second only to parents or guardians.

9 in 10 teachers believe that Project SUCCESS helps students to be better problem solvers, be more self-aware of their strengths, be more motivated to succeed in school, and set goals for the future.

The success of our program has motivated us, and generated demand from parents, schools and districts, to serve more students each year.

Help us finish our 20th year with a strong foundation. Please join us and the hundreds of others who support our work and invest in making a direct and powerful impact on young people’s lives.


Donnie grew up the only child of a single mother who was incarcerated for part of Donnie’s childhood. After graduating from North High, Donnie went on to graduate from DePaul University with honors, and then to obtain a master’s degree. She now is a published author and poet, and teaches English at Whitney M. Young High School in Chicago. She plans to start a nonprofit to help children of incarcerated parents stay out of trouble.

Donnie credits Project SUCCESS above all other people and programs in her young life with helping her overcome the many obstacles placed in her path and helping her achieve her dream of attending college:

“The staff of energetic, approachable and caring adults affected my life deeply by challenging my closed-mindedness, providing resources that would have been unattainable otherwise and giving me the space and time to plan and achieve my goals. Through the attention of caring adults, monthly goal-setting workshops, an exposure to live theater and college tours, students have the opportunity to make the impossible possible. Those experiences catapult you into the future, just as it did for me. It is critical that all kids get the kind of help and support that Project SUCCESS provides.”


Motivates and inspires each of the nearly 12,000 middle and high school students in 16 schools to imagine their future and helps them build the skills, plans, and support to get there, in over 3,800 monthly goal-setting workshops in the Language Arts classrooms.

Inspires, sparks dialogue and builds relationships and community by providing students and their families the opportunity to attend professional theater for free at least 8 times a year, with 200 performances made possible by our 35 generous theater partners - and we offer free childcare and transportation.

Facilitates the college selection process for over 600 high school students by organizing and leading local and national tours to over 35 campuses.

Helps over 165 middle school students build leadership, communication and self-sufficiency skills through a 7-day summer canoe adventure in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness.

Organizes other activities like artist residencies, student musicals, weekly after-school workshops for post-secondary planning, and freshman orientation – designed to help students experience success, build relationships, gain skills and confidence and inform their future.

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One Groveland Terrace
Ste 300 Minneapolis, MN 55403

(612) 874-7710



Each year, we ask 12,000 youth what they want to do with their lives. We listen. Then we help them take action.

EIN: 411837278

Reports: Guidestar


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