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THE MOST REVOLUTIONARY CANCER RESEARCH IN THE LAST 40 YEARS. Please watch Dr. Saltzman at the UofM explain how it works in this video first.

Dan Saltzman, M.D., Ph.D., is an Associate Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics, the Chief of the Division of Pediatric Surgery at the University of Minnesota Medical School, and the Surgeon-in-Chief at the University of Minnesota Amplatz Children’s Hospital. He has authored ten book chapters and over 125 published articles and holds five patents. We’re so close, but we need your help. More funding is urgently needed to bring this revolutionary treatment to cancer patients. Be part of something big – donate today and spread the word!

More abouut the Science of What We Are Doing

Method of Delivery

Attenuated salmonella is a safe and effective vehicle that delivers cancer-fighting molecules directly to the tumor without the side effects traditionally associated with cancer treatments.

  • Salmonella bacteria, often associated with salmonella, isn’t always bad
    • It can be genetically modified to not cause disease
  • Salmonella has a unique and natural attraction to cancer cells
    • This allows salmonella to find and attach to cancer cells
    • It’s an attraction like moths to a flame
  • This attraction can be exploited to help deliver cancer-fighting drugs directly to tumor sites
  • Salmonella can be altered (attenuated) so that it no longer does the bad things people associate it with (food poisoning)
  • Even after it is attenuated, it still retains its ability to find and attach to cancer cells
  • Because the salmonella carries the cancer-fighting drugs directly to the tumor site, it disrupts the tumor’s ability to survive
    • It does so without affecting surrounding healthy cells
    • This means the patient doesn’t experience the side effects normally associated with cancer drugs
    • It can be safer for the patient
    • Patients can tolerate the treatments better than traditional cancer treatments
  • Project Stealth delivers powerful anti-cancer therapies directly to cancer cells

Mechanism of Action

Project Stealth is about activating the immune system to discriminately fight cancer cells by targeting the entire cancer cell, not just a specific gene or protein within the cell.

  • Project Stealth is investigating ways to target cancer cells specifically so as not to affect healthy cells and the entire body
  • Our body’s immune system has the ability to identify, attack and destroy cancer cells. However, when this ability is blocked and/or the amount of cancer cells (cancer cell burden) gets to be too much, the cancer wins and the body loses.
  • Project Stealth is investigating two types of molecules that affect the immune system and how they work
    • Some cancer cells block the body’s natural immune system, which prevents the immune system from targeting and destroying cancer cells. Project Stealth is testing the effectiveness of molecules that can reverse this blockade
    • Project Stealth is also testing molecules that boost the immune system’s ability to find and destroy cancer cells (immunostimulatory)

Efficacy and Safety

  • 90% reduction in tumor size and weight in a primary tumor model (neuroblastoma)
  • 60-90% reduction in tumor size, weight and number in a metastatic tumor model
  • Preliminary survival data in dogs who have been diagnosed with osteosarcoma by their veterinarians and referred for treatment is encouraging and will be investigated further
  • There have been no noteworthy side effects observed to date using attenuated salmonella.

Reasons to Give/help Us Get There/Use of Funds

You can be a catalyst to get this very promising research out of the lab and into the market, so more people with cancer can be treated more effectively and safely.

  • Be a part of helping to save more lives sooner by moving this research forward
  • 100% of donations go to directly support the research
  • Project Stealth has no administrative overhead (unlike many other organizations)

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