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Access to these villages require miles of jungle paths and river crossings.

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People in the upcountry live a very simple lifestyle and are unaware of Ebola or what to do. Education is important!

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In this abandoned quarry, villagers break rock by hand to sell as a means to support their families.

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These are some of the supplies we are helping them to purchase and distribute. Buckets, bleach, sprayers, etc...

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Most villages are 50-200 people and are at least a days journey from a town or city.

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Many villages are homes of mud floors/walls and palm branch roofs, while some are total bamboo and palm.

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This is a open well that has been used for more than 50 years with the same contaminates in it from its very beginning.

We are raising funds to prevent the Ebola Virus in the rural villages of Liberia where resources and relief efforts are lacking.

In March of 2012, I joined a team headed to the "upcountry" of Liberia that was providing ministry needs to remote villages in the jungles of Grand Bassa.

While there, I saw many villages that were not accessible by roads and consequently lacked many everyday resources like clean water and bathrooms. Their hygiene practices were poor and the sole source for their water was a contaminated hand-dug well that contained human and animal waste, detergents, and a number of harmful parasites/bacteria.

The leading cause for diseases like Typhoid, Hep A, Cholera, and Diarrhea is a contaminated water source. Due to the lack of medical facilities and available medicine in Liberia, these diseases are often fatal. Even in the cases where people recover, they return to the same situation and become re-infected.

These Very same remote villages throughout Liberia are now ill-equipped to address even the most basic prevention needed to protect themselves and their families from the Deadly Ebola Virus that is plaguing their country. Essential supplies for decontamination and prevention are not making it to the rural and upcountry regions.

Sterilization and decontamination supplies, chemicals, masks, gloves, protective-ware and basic education are just a few of the critical things that are needed to prepare and secure these villages from this virus.

Every dollar donated will be sent to Liberia to buy and distribute the much needed life saving supplies. Please do not delay.

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