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With your help we can bring Positive Coaching Alliance to MN. PCA works to transform youth sports so sports can transform youth.

There is a movement to start a chapter of Positive Coaching Alliance IN MINNESOTA. Founded in March 2011, a community volunteer board is dedicated to starting a chapter of this nonprofit in Minnesota because we know the culture of sports in Minnesota can be more than what it is. The following Minnesota news headlines would certainly indicate that the sports culture in Minnesota is in need of change:

Brawl Erupts During Minnesota High School Soccer Game

Hockey Dad Charged With Choking Son's Coach

Minnesota Dad Arrested After Allegedly Punching Son in the Face After Basketball Loss

What is Positive Coaching Alliance and what do they do? PCA is a nonprofit started at Stanford back in 1998 to inspire youth sports leaders, coaches and parents to use sports as a virtual classroom for character education to transform youth sports so sports can transform youth.

PCA does this by doing online and live training of coaches, parents and athletes. Currently, there are PCA chapters in Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and Sacramento and regional offices in Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Los Angeles, Southern California, the San Francisco Bay area and in Washington DC. We want Minnesota to be a part of this list!

PCA uses a systems approach to work with schools and youth sports organizations through live workshops, online courses, published books and articles, regular electronic communication, a web site filled with resources (, and a series of alliances with nationally-recognized coaches, athletes, academicians, businesses and national youth sports organizations to develop:

• Youth sports leaders as Change Agents who create a strong, positive culture in their organizations.

Double-Goal Coaches® who teach life lessons as they prepare athletes to win on the scoreboard.

Second-Goal Parents® who help their children get the most from sports.

Triple-Impact Competitors® who make self, teammates and the game better by the way they compete.

PCA works with more than 1,700 (and counting) schools and youth sports organizations, to align the values and behavior of all involved. PCA partnerships—including live and on-line workshops for leaders, coaches, parents and athletes help leaders of sports organizations create a culture with a paramount value for the ROOTS of Honoring the Game: Respect for Rules, Opponents, Officials, Teammates and Self.

PCA’s National Board is comprised of an impressive group of athletes and leaders. Some of them are:

*Phil Jackson, Los Angeles Lakers Head Coach and PCA spokesperson

*Larry Brown, NBA and NCAA Champion Coach

*Jennifer Azzi, Olympic gold medalist, Basketball

*Bill Bradley, former senator

*Joy Fawcett, Olympic gold medalist, Soccer

*Ronnie Lott, NFL Hall of Fame member

*Nadia Comaneci, Olympic gold medalist, Gymnastics

*Doc Rivers, Head Coach, Boston Celtics

*Dean Smith, Member, Basketball Hall of Fame

*Doug Wilson, General Manager, San Jose Sharks

*Carol Dweck, Author of Mindset: The New Psychology of Success

*Julie Foudy, Olympic gold medalist, Soccer

*Joe Ehrmann, Founder, Coach for America

*Dot Richardson, Olympic gold medalist, Softball

*Joan Duda, Sports Psychology Professor, University of Birmingham, England

*Summer Sanders, Olympic gold medalist, Swimming

*Barry Zito, Cy Young Award winner

*Herm Edwards, Kansas City Chief’s Head Coach

We must raise $300,000 before we can open a chapter here in Minnesota. We have raised $292,100 and need to raise an additional $7,900.

If you give you will have the long term satisfaction of knowing you were part of starting a chapter of Positive Coaching Alliance here in Minnesota. Please consider a gift to touch thousands of lives of coaches, athletes, and parents of athletes.

The Positive Coaching Alliance MN Launch Committee

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Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) is a national non-profit working to develop Better Athletes, Better People.

EIN: 770485946

Reports: Guidestar

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$302,250 RAISED OF $300,000 GOAL
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($13,425 online, $288,825 offline)

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