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Little Waffles is fighting for his life, please help us do whatever we can to make the pain go away and save him!

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Little Waffles was an unclaimed stray at the shelter until Ruff Start Rescue stood up and claimed him! He's a 6#, 10 month old HUGE love bug! Read his story below from his foster mom.

12/7/13 – Waffles arrived into RSR. Slight cough, signs of mange, but very friendly and playful. 12/10/13 – Vet appt to address his cough. Was put on meds for kennel cough.

12/17/13 – still coughing so went back to vet and they adjusted meds.

12/19/13 – Woke up and Waffles would not move. He had no life to him and his eyes where just a blank stare. Lethargic and wouldn't eat. - Went to vet that afternoon. When we got there he was slightly paralyzed on his left side. Was drooling and out of it. Did blood work and liver levels where very high. Took x-rays and signs of phenomena where slightly present. While doing x-rays he had his first seizure. Got that under control and they recommended him going to the U of M for more test due to his blood work. As I was leaving the vet he seized again. Raced back in and they were able to get it under control but recommended he head to the emergency vet for overnight observation. Some things they were thinking was distemper or a neurological disorder. Took him right to the E vet. They were going to run more test and watch him over night. He seized again later that night and then again in the morning. Later in the morning they fed him and he seized again. The vets there were recommending euthanasia as they did think it was distemper or a neurological problem. And even with the expensive test they did not see his outcome as a good one.

12/20/14 – Returned to the vet in the afternoon and was told I would probably need to say my goodbyes to him. When I arrived they brought him into the room where I was and he suddenly was alert and his eyes had life in them. I could see his tail wag! He was unstable due to still being a little sedated but seemed like a new dog compared to the last 24-48 hours. She advised he will need 24/7 observation for about 10 days and to be on his anti-seizure meds. We fed him special food and I had to give him water via a syringe the first few days to make sure he stayed hydrated. Within a few days he was back to acting like a crazy little puppy.

1/15/14 – Went back to regular vet for a check-up. He was doing well but his mange was getting worse. They wanted to hold off on treating it till we got his meds balanced out. His blood work was done and his ALT levels where through the roof. Normal is 100 or less and his where at 586. We decided to change his seizure meds and try a new kind. Things like liver shunt are something the vet was thinking.

2/11/14 – Waffles woke up in the middle of the night. Was whimpering and moving around. He was limping and kind of dazed. Started showing signs of a seizure coming on again. I gave him a shot of valium per her recommendation after about 40min he finally relaxed and fell asleep.

2/12/14 – Took him to the vet to discuss his episode. They checked his leg and all seemed ok. Said he could have been under some distress due to a pull or sprain or he could have been going into a seizure. They also started his mange treatment that day in hopes we could get this little guy some fur back. Here we also noticed that his top two K9 teeth has not come out and those will need to pulled. They recommend waiting as not comfortable putting him under at this point.

2/26/14 – Went to vet to rerun blood work. His levels dropped dramatically but still high. His ALT levels went from 586 to 186. They still are not sure why and really recommending him getting further testing to determine the cause of this. These are tests that would need to be done at the U of M. He has 2 teeth that need to be pulled and now we need to look into auto immune disorder as he is nails are so frail and basically cracking and falling off.

Now we need to figure out where to go from here. Everyone loves Waffles and we need to get some more testing done to figure out what exactly is going on with him and he ideally needs to see a neurologist to see if he has an auto-immune disorder. This will likely need to be done at the U of M and we need to raise the funds for him to be seen, diagnosed, and treated. Then he can be adopted and live a happy life if we can just figure out what the underlying cause is.

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