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The Alliances helps advocates build amazing places to ride and walk.

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The Alliance supports the advocates who are spreading and growing bike sharing systems across North America.

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With support from the Alliance, local advocates are making cities better for riding.

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The Alliance helps advocates teach people to ride safely and confidently.

The Alliance for Biking & Walking creates, strengthens and unites bicycle and pedestrian advocates across North America.

It’s amazing what passionate advocates can do with a little bit of help.

When you give to the Alliance for Biking & Walking, you support better advocacy for communities all across North America. Our members are the state and local biking and walking advocacy organizations working every day to make our communities better and safer places to bike and walk.

But we need your help. Please show your support today for better biking and walking at the state and local level with a tax-deductible investment in the Alliance today.

With a little support, local biking and walking advocates can make incredible change. Have you heard how Rome, Georgia got its new trails?

Julie Smith of Trails for Recreation and Economic Development of Rome/Floyd County received a scholarship to attend a Winning Campaigns Training in Athens, Georgia. She had one goal: build new trails to connect key destinations in the county. At the Training, Julie developed a campaign to get funding onto a local ballot. Back at home, she worked to mobilize support for new trails funding—and ultimately won $1.8 million for her project.

Thanks to advocates’ hard work and support from people like you, we’re seeing more communities become better and safer places for biking and walking. Passionate advocates are improving our streets with facilities like protected bike lanes, wider sidewalks, convenient crosswalks, and trails to connect cities and rural communities.

Making these changes happen requires a lot of work. It means showing up and speaking out at public meetings. It means educating elected officials. It means writing letters to the editor and talking to reporters. It means holding events to bring people together to demand change.

The people doing that work are our members: biking and walking advocacy organizations working to make a difference in their communities. Advocates drum up public support, win the necessary funding and political support, and help create better biking and walking.

It’s the Alliance’s job to help these local advocates get the resources they need with:

  • Our biennial Benchmarking Report on biking and walking in the United States, the go-to resource for advocates, agencies, elected officials and media
  • A Leadership Retreat that provides a unique opportunity for advocates around the country to meet and exchange ideas in person
  • The shared knowledge of experts and peers in our series of Mutual Aid Calls and Winning Campaigns Trainings that spur the latest and most effective ways to make our communities better and safer places to bike and walk
  • Advocacy Advance Grants to help local organizations launch campaigns to win or save biking and walking funding; these grants generate an incredible return on investment of $1,230 won for every $1 granted!

But we can’t do it without your help. Please make your donation today to help us empower bicycle and pedestrian advocacy leaders in 2014.

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The Alliance for Biking & Walking creates, strengthens and unites bicycle and pedestrian advocates across North America.

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