Over the Rainbow Butterfly Garden



Providing students the means necessary to help further their education with butterflies and scholarships.

Support this project if you want to be a part of a legacy where children are surrounded by magic and education is inspired by beauty.

Over the Rainbow Butterfly Garden has a goal and mission to provide the city of Flagstaff, Arizona with a world of beauty, hope, and learning where young and inquisitive minds can grow and enjoy their time together with family and friends, as well as helping to provide the means necessary to continue on with their learning and education. We will be featuring an indoor garden filled with butterflies from around the world in free flight. Hands on science center areas will be throughout the garden as well as other animals/insects for families to learn about and experience.

When guests enter our garden, they will walk into a new world filled with plants, pathways, and butterflies flying right next to them. Guests will experience the beauty of spring even during the snowy winter months. All proceeds from our garden will go to students of all ages in the form of scholarships. Scholarships for students of all ages in need of occupational and speech therapies will be awarded on a yearly basis. To date, OTRBG has awarded $7,000 in scholarships.

Where Does the Money Go?

Your support will build out a 10,000 square foot garden in Flagstaff, AZ. It will provide plants, pathways, waterfalls, benches, and proper enclosures for the butterflies. Build out of the garden will focus on utilizing recycled materials (pallets for walkways, rain barrels for planters, crushed glass bottles for sand, etc) in an effort to conserve our environment and provide a safe enclosure for both humans and butterflies.

We will provide the public with organic gardening lessons as well as teaching self sustaining and edible landscaping choices. Once built, we will host school field trips, birthday parties, weddings, as well as the opportunity for guests to create memorials dedicated to loved ones they have lost.

Cameron and Kari have been working at developing Over the Rainbow Butterfly Garden for the last year. In June we awarded $4000 in scholarships.


Over twenty people have been working on this project as a labor of love, not for pay, to create Over the Rainbow Butterfly Garden and ensure its success.

This project is tied closely to the community in which it will be developed and great support has been shown by the public as well as private entities.


Why Butterflies?

“Love is like a Butterfly:
It goes where it pleases,
And it pleases wherever it goes.”
-Author Unknown

Butterflies inspire with the miracle of metamorphosis. They are constantly changing and evolving, not always knowing what they will ultimately become but moving forward on a path towards something greater. With this change they inspire hope in our world and we would like to provide the opportunity for guests to observe these miracles up close.

“Beautiful and graceful, varied and enchanting, small but approachable, butterflies lead you to the sunny side of life. And everyone deserves a little sunshine.”
-Jeffrey Glassberg

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Organization Information

11315 N Crestview Street
Flagstaff, AZ 86004

Providing students the means necessary to help further their education with butterflies and scholarships.

EIN: 453527390

Reports: Guidestar


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