Otic Oasis 2.0


Size 550x415 sunriseoasis

The Otic Oasis at sunrise

Size 550x415 otic 7785

The Otic Oasis from the sunset side

Size 550x415 mediallion%202012%20actual

Bee medallion

Size 550x415 burning%20bee%202012


Size 550x415 flame%20chair

Flame chair

Size 550x415 satellite%20module%20rendering

Satellite module

Size 550x415 camp%20nodes%20group

Camp nodes

Size 550x415 camp%20bench313

Camp bench

Size 550x415 boa%20chair%20solo 2

Boa Chair

Burning Man's first wilderness outpost, the OTIC OASIS 2.0, a shelter in the walk-in camping area, free from noise and vehicles.

The Otic Oasis received an enthusiastic reception in 2011 and is honored to have been awarded a Burning Man honorarium grant for 2012.

For those of you who didn’t have the opportunity to visit the Otic Oasis in either 2011 or 2012, it is a 35-foot geometric honeycomb-like cluster structure that provided shade, shelter, comfort and individualized spaces for quiet contemplation of our natural surroundings. We built it in a preserved tranquil corner of Black Rock City, a zone free of motorized vehicles and loud amplified music, lights, and energy, named Walk-In camping. The Otic Oasis was reached only by foot or bike, enhancing the desert calm – it was a journey to get there, but the indigenous stillness and magical aesthetics of the Black Rock Desert made it well worth the journey. In keeping with the walk-in regulations of this area, all 20,000 pounds of wood and other materials were hand-carted into the build site, and it was erected without use of any motorized vehicles. The Otic Oasis was crafted completely of interlocking wood, with no nails, glue or metal fasteners. The struts were fastened together with patented "connector" nodes that fit together in an ingenious manner, and provided a great deal of strength and support as well as artistry.


In keeping with the overall theme of Fertility 2.0 – the seed we planted last year has sprouted and evolved – begetting three entirely separate yet connected projects – the Otic Oasis 2.0, the Man Base Pistil and our destination base camp. Like bees returning to their hive, we gravitate back to the indigenous quiet of the magnificent wilderness backdrop of the Black Rock Desert to replenish our being at the Otic Oasis 2.0. There were additions to our main structure as well as seven new satellites scattered deeper into Walk-In Camping – providing even more diversity and balance as well as sought-after private spaces for play, relaxation and refuge. At 2:30 and the outermost city street, the jumping off point to Walk-In camping, our art support camp, Beeometry, offered examples of how sacred geometry is the honey of our hive. Additionally, the desert winds transported our seeds into the heart of Black Rock City where some landed, literally, at the feet of the Man. Gregg Fleishman, the artist, designer and architect of the Otic Oasis was selected to build a special climbing sculpture inside the Man Base Pavilion -- The Man Base Pistil, symbolizing a pistil – the reproductive organ of a flower – providing a pollination point for the Burning Hive we manifested this year. Read all about the “Bee Here Now” phenomenon in “The Burning Blog."

While we are thrilled to receive an art grant for the Otic Oasis 2.0, it does not fully cover our costs. We can’t possibly make our dream a reality without all of your continued support. So please consider a donation in this campaign, to build new additions and expand on the 2011 Oasis, and join us in further sowing the seeds of the Otic Oasis.

To learn more about artist Gregg Fleishman and how to take Pythagoras into Three Dimensions visit: http://www.greggfleishman.com/

Thank you to Roy Two Thousand for crafting our amazing short video of the Otic Oasis from all his 2011 time-lapse photography. To learn more about Roy 2000 and view The Fertile Desert, one of the rare films to capture the essence of Burning Man, visit: http://vimeo.com/37149784

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