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Katapor Student with New E-Reader

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Katapor Learning Team

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Let's Enjoy Learning!

OLE is committed to removing the barriers to learning so that all of our children enjoy learning that is open, free and meaningful.

Open Learning Exchange envisions a world where every child, especially those marginalized by living in resource-poor and remote areas, or by their own personal challenges, is empowered to learn, discover and create within a publicly-supported educational system where: 1) teachers guide them along their own learning path, 2) students have open access to high quality, meaningful learning resources, and 3) students use effective and affordable tools that support their learning.

OLE is accomplishing this by partnering with nation-based social entrepreneurs for learning who are working systemically as catalysts, demonstrating and documenting innovations that scale. These social entrepreneurs, by establishing their own priorities and adapting solutions to their settings, are persuading their governments to adopt for all of their children those things that have been shown to work and to scale to all children while sharing freely and openly their knowledge and resources with others.

Our Work:

Learning Innovation Programs

OLE International works with local social benefit organizations (SBO) to engage and inspire children into a lifetime love of learning and reading.

Ghana Reads is based on the premise that the traditional instructor/student hierarchy does not result in high learning outcomes. OLE Ghana, in partnership with OLE International, will be working in 20 schools in the Western GA region of Accra, using coaches to help teachers learn how to transition from ‘instructors’ to “coaches” moving toward a more activity-based learning.

Learning Innovation Teams for Education (LITE) inspired teachers and students in the rural village of Katapor, Ghana to enjoy learning again. In February 2012, OLE Ghana, in partnership with OLE International, implemented the teacher/student coaching model known as LITE.

TeacherMate Ghana 2012 was implemented by OLE Ghana in the rural Mamobi school with the hopes of replicating the dramatic increases in literacy experienced by students involved in the OLE Rwanda TeacherMate pilot in 2011.

TeacherMate Rwanda 2012 builds on the success of the 2011 TeacherMate pilot. The 2012 project aims to trial a version of the previously successful TM software that has been modified for use on iPod touches. This new model offers great improvements in the user interface for teachers and students.

TeacherMate Rwanda 2011 was a pilot project conducted by OLE, in association with Innovations for Learning, resulting in an outstanding 36% increase in overall literacy scores for 620 Rwandan second (P2) and third (P3) grade students over the course of the academic year.

Learning Innovation Development

OLE strives to develop innovative, affordable, and scalable tools to improve the quality of basic education throughout the world, especially in the most resource-limited and remote areas.

Basic e-Learning Library (BeLL) System: OLE's innovative digital library provides two Terabytes of multi-media resources to schools with or without connection to the electrical grid and Internet, drastically increasing access to high quality learning resources to the most rural communities.

My Library App: With the introduction of the open source ‘My Library App’, the School BeLL will now enable teachers to:1) assign specific resources to students and track their individual progress, 2) share resources with other schools, and 3) provide feedback on resources to local and national curriculum developers.

TeacherMate in the BeLL:The highly successful TeacherMate Differentiated Learning System will soon be available within the OLE BeLL, allowing students access to a proven literacy tool that allows students to work at their own pace and teachers to track their individual progress.

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OLE is committed to removing the barriers to learning so that all of our children enjoy learning that is open, free and meaningful.

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