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Second graders from Hamtad, Dareldhura

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Students from Kaipalmandu, Dareldhura

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OLE Nepal

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Second graders in Doodhkunda School in Solukhumbu district, Nepal.

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Learning Outside

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OLE Nepal is campaigning to apply technological innovations to bring quality education to children in far-flung settlements in Nepal.

Why this campaign?

While the rest of the world is advancing rapidly with the aid of innovative technologies, millions of people in rural communities still struggle to make ends meet with minimum resources. Many children are denied the opportunity to a better future because of the lack of quality education and a conducive learning environment. The disparity in access to learning resources is getting even wider now that children in developed regions have started using technology to enhance learning.

This campaign is about providing access to better learning opportunities to disadvantaged children through the use of technology so that they too can gain the skills and knowledge to become responsible, productive citizens of the world. With more than three quarters of Nepali students attending resource-scarce public schools, urgent measures are required to ensure that these already marginalized students do not lose further grounds to their more affluent counterparts who can afford private schools.

How you can make a difference?

We invite you to become part of this movement to provide children in Nepal with an opportunity to a bright future. Your contribution will help put laptops filled with fun educational materials in the hands of these children. Various local bodies and development partners have already made firm commitments towards the program implementation, training and support costs. School communities have already signed up to do their parts to monitor and safeguard the equipments. A professionally-run, transparent Nepali organization with a proven track record is leading the effort. Every penny of your contribution will go towards the purchase of durable child-friendly laptops for the children.

You are the last piece of the puzzle


OLE Nepal started this movement in 2007 with the mission to change the educational landscape and level the playing field by equipping rural public schools with durable laptops and providing children with a rich and fun learning platform. OLE Nepal’s program combines low-cost, low-power, durable laptops with local curriculum-based digital learning materials and an education-centered digital library, along with teacher training and school support to enhance education in remote areas.

The outcome has been a staggering increase in student interest in learning, as reported by parents and teachers. Young children are becoming more confident and unafraid to express and share their ideas. Teachers find that their classrooms have become more lively, with increased interactions between students and teachers, and among students. So far the program has distributed 4,400 laptops and trained nearly 500 teachers, benefitting over 15,000 students in fifteen districts of Nepal.

OLE Nepal’s implementation partners include Nepal’s Department of Education, the UN World Food Programme, Governments of Denmark and Finland. Laptop donations in the past have come from generous contributions from many individuals and organizations such as the OLPC Foundation, Dansk IT, Help Nepal Network.

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OLE is committed to removing the barriers to learning so that all of our children enjoy learning that is open, free and meaningful.

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