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Of Dolls & Murder Documentary Film

Susan Marks 's fundraiser for IFP MINNESOTA CENTER FOR MEDIA ARTS

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Frances Glessner Lee - genius behind the Nutshell Studies

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Of Dolls & Murder movie poster

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Of Dolls & Muder production still

I'm raising funds to bring my documentary, Of Dolls & Murder, to audiences in the criminal justice realm.

Of Dolls and Murder is a documentary film about dollhouse crime scenes created in the 1930s and 1940s by a crime-fighting grandmother to help train detectives to hone their investigative skills. Despite all the technological advances in forensics, these miniature works of art - known as The Nutshells Studies of Unexplained Death - are still used today as an educational tool.

By connecting the Nutshells to modern day forensics, the film provides a rare inside look into the world of criminal justice and the effect of forensic investigation shows on real life police work. From homicide detectives on the job, and the infamous "Body Farm", to criminally-minded college students and the televisions show, CSI, iconic filmmaker, John Waters narrated the tiny world of big time murder.

The film is done, but the work is far from over. I'm raising funds to help cover costs associated with getting Of Dolls & Murder to the audiences that need to see it most. I'm particularly interested in connecting with criminal justice professionals and student audiences around the globe. 

For example, for $1000, I can go to a professional forensic conference, screen my film, speak on a panel, sell my DVDs and make valuable contacts.

 Another $500 will allow me to create promotional materials and mailings specifically targeted toward criminal justice organizations and colleges. I will also be arranging my own screenings and discussion groups in various cities. The cost of theater rental, projection equipment, and paying staff for a screening event is commonly around $1000.

So far, the response has been positive and unanimous that the film needs to get in front of criminal justice educators. With your help, I can make sure the Of Dolls and Murder reaches educators and professionals in the criminal justice field.

Thanks for taking the time to read about my film and how I plan on connecting with audiences.

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