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To meet the number one need in Nyamor, we are going to build a hand pump water well.

More than one billion people -- one sixth of the world’s population -- are forced to drink water contaminated by human and/or animal waste, agricultural runoff, and the like.

Kenya is a country of over 40M astride the equator in East Africa with a population that is about 80% rural. While Kenya is one of the more rapidly developing African countries, some of these areas are among the world's very poorest places.

Although very rich in spirit, one such impoverished Kenyan community is the village of Nyamor in South Asembo Location on the north shore of Asembo Bay of Lake Victoria in western Kenya.

Moving Forward Africa's current project is to meet the number one need in Nyamor, by building a hand pump water well. We have already completed a hydrology study, identified an aquifer point to dig, and have received a fair quote for drilling. When the lack of clean water issue is resolved, we move on to other projects that focus on meeting the needs the village council has identified as needing support.

The vision for Moving Forward Africa (MFA) has its roots in the experience of founding President Matt Ylvisaker who first visited Nyamor Village in 2007 and has been there six times since. During these visits he found that the people of Nyamor were indeed both poor and ill, and were either buying water in a neighboring village, or were forced by economic hardship to drink from seasonal rainwater ponds severely polluted by their livestock. Their only other option was to trek for hours to get polluted and parasite-ridden water from the stagnant shallows of Lake Victoria. The Village Council emphasized to Mr. Ylvisaker that their first and highest priority was for clean water. He decided to make it his mission to address that problem.

When Matt Ylvisaker last visited Nyamor Village in November of 2010 he delivered three family-sized Lifestraw water filtration units to the village. Lifestraws are highly sophisticated filtration devices which filter out virtually 100% of bacteria, viruses and parasites. They contain layered arrays of micro-filters plus activated charcoal and reusable iodine. They come in models both for personal use (a simple tube through which a person can safely drink directly from virtually any water source, even including sewage), and a large family model into which dirty water is poured and clean water comes out. Delivering these Lifestraws was both a good faith gesture by MFA to demonstrate our commitment to providing clean water and also a temporary bridge to the permanent solution of a water well. MFA will provide the village with replacement filters until the well is dug and functioning.

MFA’s research has shown that a single water well can inexpensively provide clean water for up to 3,000 people. (This information comes from the African Borehole Initiative estimates.) According to the village chief, Nyamor has a population of about 1,000.

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