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NOWCastSA just turned three!

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In honor of our 3rd anniversary, invest in our future!

Why support NOWCastSA

We know that many things compete for your limited donor dollars, but keep this in mind: NOWCastSA webcasts let you be in two places at once and our community news site is an amplifier for other nonprofits, helping them to share their stories and events with the community and the world.

NOWCastSA is your public television on the Internet: We are connecting communities by using the Internet to reinvent local news. Your tax-deductible donations will directly support our local news coverage, live event webcasts and community journalism education programs.

We have set an ambitious goal to raise $4,000 by December 31, and we need your help to meet it so we can be ready for the new year. Even a small gift of only $10 makes a huge difference and takes us closer to our goal, and monthly pledges add up over time without putting a lump-sum strain on your bank account.

Please consider making an investment in civic engagement today, and ask your friends and family to do the same. We want to spend another three years promoting and facilitating an inclusive civic conversation in the San Antonio Metro area!


NOWCastSA is a journalism organization that covers local news that is ignored by other media and highlights issues relevant to underserved communities. It uses a multimedia platform that combines infographics, interactive maps, live chats, live webcasts, video and articles to empower communities to use data in new ways.

Traditional media continue to downsize, struggling to compete with changes in technology, and in-depth local news coverage has been lost to the chopping block. While local newspapers and TV stations disproportionately focus on high-income areas and sensationalized content, NOWCastSA has stepped in to fill coverage gaps and help people access the information they need to be engaged in their communities. By reducing the inequality in media coverage throughout the San Antonio metropolitan area, NOWCastSA contributes to a healthy democracy and encourages civic engagement.

Using streaming and on-demand video technology, NOWCastSA creates online forums for community conversations, expanding the room for public meetings and events and increasing accessibility for residents with limited mobility. Where other media outlets present condensed clips, NOWCastSA broadcasts and archives entire events while engaging remote audiences. Viewers are able to watch events, unfiltered, live or after the fact, from their computer or mobile device, extending the availability of the content. NOWCastSA also provides live video feed to overflow crowds to include people who otherwise would have been turned away for lack of space.

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