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Graham (3 days old) receiving donor milk

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Graham was due after Mother's Day, but his early arrival made for a perfect first Mother's Day (3 weeks old)

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Graham (6 months old) giddy over sweet potatoes

Your donation will help open the doors to the first Northwest-based human donor milk bank!

My name is Lauren, and I became a supporter of NWMMB because of my personal experience. I had never heard of "donor milk" until the day my son was born at 34 weeks. I was still in a state of shock over having a baby 6 weeks early when my husband started reviewing with me the long list of notes taken during the first consult by Graham's doctor. Although most of what he said is a blur, I distinctly remember the words "feeding tube" and "formula or human donor milk." Already feeling powerless to care for this vulnerable little baby, I suddenly felt even more helpless realizing that I wouldn't be able to provide him the nutrients he needed in those critical first hours and days. Even though we faced a lot of uncertainty in those initial hours, the easiest decision we made was to elect donor milk for our son. At the time, we had no idea that this option was not automatically available to all new parents in our situation. Only after further education by our NICU nurses did we learn that donor milk in Oregon was imported from one of the two closest milk banks (Denver or San Jose) and that the availability was based on logistical realities over which our Portland hospital had no control.

Every time I fed Graham a bottle of donor milk in the NICU, I was overcome by the generosity and love that each donor milk bottle symbolized: selfless giving on the part of an anonymous donor who I would never be able to thank. Knowing that until my milk came in, our son was receiving the next best thing -- human milk -- gave us a much-needed sense of comfort and relief.

At birth, Graham weighed 4 pounds, 15 ounces. Today, he is a thriving seven-month old and weighs over 17 pounds. Of course, he still loves his milk, but now he also loves bananas and sweet potatoes, singing & dancing, and being tickled. My personal experience led me to want to make sure other premature babies and their families have access to the same positive start that we did.

Our need for additional funding support continues. Your donation today will help us move closer to opening our doors, making a northwest-based milk bank a reality.
We THANK YOU for helping us give fragile babies in our community a healthy start to life.

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Your donation will help open the doors to the first Northwest-based human donor milk bank!

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