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The Burly trailer used to pull baby. Now baby pulls our food and shelter on a bike trip through MN. Good times!

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Build it and they will ride it.

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Midwest USBRS planned routes

Develop a US wide bike route system (numbered, mapped, & recognized by state & federal government agencies). A safer route for all to enjoy.

I asking for your help by:

  1. Making a tax deductable contribution to help build the US Bicycle Route System. Since every bit helps, please share as you see appropriate.
  2. Forwarding this site link to others that can help. Getting a lot of people to each help a litle yields big results.

Here's why:

I enjoy biking and I really enjoy multi-day biking adventures. The trouble is finding good routes that are safe and fun. The US Bicycle Route System (USBRS) under development helps create routes that interconnect the whole US. It utilizes existing trails, roads and helps build new infrastructure. It interconnects urban, suburban, and rural areas, historic sites and bike trails. It opens the whole US up to bike adventures.

On multiple occasions I have lead scouts on a four day bike trip. It gives them a chance to accomplish an adventure that seems impossible at first. 225 miles by bike! When you ask scouts about their scouting adventures they often say that the bike trip is one of the best adventures they did in scouting. The difficult part about this adventure is not biking, it is creating a good safe route. The USBRS will significantly help with route planning no matter what direction you want to travel.

The USBRS is not just a bunch of bike paths:

  • It will interconnect towns across the country.
  • It will facilitate travel between communities and to historic and cultural landmarks.
  • It will give people living in more rural areas a way to travel into a nearby urban area by bicycle.
  • Urban and suburban residents will have better access to rural recreation areas.
  • And--like our interstate highway system--it will facilitate long-distance travel by bicycle, whether across one’s state or across the country.

Google “Bicycle Touring” and you’ll learn about traveling around the state, around the country or around the world by bicycle. When you travel at about 15MPH you get to see a LOT more of this country. Instead of zipping by so many small communities you get to stop and enjoy their community. You get to partake in local festivals, eat at the local cafes, visit tourist attractions and generally get a chance to meet the people of America.

How will the funds get used?

Your donation will help continue work creating the U.S. Bicycle Route System, specifically:

  • Coordinating all the state and volunteer efforts to research and plan routes
  • Navigating state DOTs through the process of application of route numbers, which culminates in the actual designation of the route
  • Working with state DOTs, local nonprofits, and volunteers once routes have been officially designated to get routes signed
  • Advising states DOTs on how to maintain and possibly enhance the routes for bicycles
  • Creating a “best practices guide” to assist states and volunteers and streamline the process
  • Advocating for the project regionally and nationally to garner industry and government support and buy-in

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