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NLCF is a church in Fortville, Indiana committed to faithfully serving God so that others may see the love of Christ by our words and deed.

NLCF has been around for nearly 20 years in Fortville. We are a congregation affiliated with the Church of God movement in Anderson, Indiana, and we believe that there is no greater source of life today and no greater hope for the world tomorrow than can be found in Jesus Christ.

Because of the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus men and women can know God’s love for them, can find a right relationship with our creator through him, and can look forward to a day when all pain and sorrow, evil and destruction, oppression and corruption are gone forever while we are free live as God desires us to live in his very presence.

Our hope does not leave us wishing only for that day in the future. Because of what Jesus has done, and through the power of the very Spirit of God in us, we are able to live as people of God today. As such, our community is motivated to reach beyond our walls and to bring the love of Christ to others now. Our hope is that our efforts will help bring relief in the face of pain and suffering, goodness and redemption in the face of evil, and freedom amidst oppression, and ultimately help people come to know the love and grace of God found in Jesus.

It is for this purpose that we are inviting people to partner with us through Razoo. We realize that there are many people in our lives who have a heart to serve, but who might be able or gifted to serve in different ways. In our community we have people who are able to give time and energy to certain tasks, but lack the financial resources to do so. Likewise we know there are people with financial means, and the desire to give, but who are unable to give their own time and energy for any number of reasons. By partnering through Razoo, we are trying to bring these two groups of people together to offer faith, hope, and love to people wherever they may be.

We invite you to consider partnering with us as we seek the places in the world where God has called us to serve. Over time, we hope to be faithful to the call and to the gifts that God has given us, and we hope this service allows us to reach far beyond our own community, and to bring light into the dark places of the world.

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1574 W STATE ROAD 234

NLCF is a church in Fortville, Indiana committed to faithfully serving God so that others may see the love of Christ by our words and deed.

EIN: 351816348

Reports: Guidestar


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