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The National Teachers Assistance Organization helps alleviate teacher burnout by improving their working conditions.

The National Teacher Assistance Organization (NTAO) is an independent not-for-profit organization that provides teachers with tangible contributions to reduce their workload, thus acting as a catalyst for improved student learning. As a parent volunteer in a local school since 2008, Eunice had the opportunity to observe firsthand the numerous challenges many teachers face on a daily basis.

Her experiences as a volunteer led her to the conclusion that quality professional administrative assistance, the strategic use of technology in the classroom and promoting parent involvement in education could greatly improve the working conditions of teachers. She founded NTAO in 2010 to provide teachers with the comprehensive support she felt they so desperately need.

Since Eunice and NTAO Board understood that tackling all of these issues at once as a start up not-for-profit organization would be a considerable challenge, they decided to address them through a series of initiatives. The first of these initiatives, the Teacher’s Concierge, aims to increase teacher effectiveness, efficiency and consistency through quality administrative support. Eunice figured that, like Doctors, Lawyers and Executives who have assistants to handle tasks not directly related their profession, teachers could benefit from similar support.

The Teacher’s Concierge Initiative, which has been in existence since 2010, provides underserved D.C. public elementary schools with a manned mobile work center containing all of the equipment and tools necessary to support their everyday needs. NTAO’s goal is to ensure that by 2018 all underserved public elementary school teachers in the District of Columbia are provided a level of assistance that allows them to fully meet the needs of their students. To date the NTAO has provided direct professional administrative support to 13 DCPS teachers including a 2010-2011 Rubenstein Awards for Highly Effective Teaching honoree at Cleveland Elementary School in Washington, D.C.


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The National Teachers Assistance Organization helps alleviate teacher burnout by improving their working conditions.

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