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Nadjejda Chapoteau Fundraising for Schools Not Slavery!

Nadjejda Chapoteau 's fundraiser for Beyond Borders, Inc.

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Rosemaine Sejour is a top student in the Accelerated Education program in the southeastern village of Meno.

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Every kid deserves the chance to be a kid - to go to school, not to be a household slave.

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Dilaine Gilles teaches children in the Accelerated Education program - many of whom were once household slaves.

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Natasha & Natalie - both former household slaves - are now back home & in school!

Kids everywhere - Haiti too - deserve the chance to go to school. That's why I'm fundraising for Beyond Borders Schools Not Slavery effort.

Why Beyond Borders?

During the time I volunteered at Beyond Borders, I really liked their approach of empowering the Haitian people and the fact that they work closely with Haitians on the ground.

Haitian Children Should Be Students, Not Slaves
Older Haitian children in rural communities who haven't had the chance to begin school are often excluded from ever starting school. Schools generally reserve 1st grade for young children. This means that these older kids not only grow up illiterate, they are at great risk for being sent away by their families into domestic servitude where they often face severe abuse and neglect. Beyond Borders helps Haitian schools develop accelerated education classes where these older students complete two years of school each year. Eventually they catch up and are mainstreamed with students their age. Not only does this education greatly improve future prospects for these children, it generally prevents parents from making the decision to send their children away into servitude.

You Can Be the Difference Between a Child Being Enslaved or in School
Your support allows Beyond Borders to help more rural schools develop accelerated education classes designed just for these over-aged children. Not only are disadvantaged children finally receiving an education, but the risks they face to being sent away and trapped in domestic slavery is greatly reduced. Some children who have already been sent away and enslaved are rescued by their parents and brought home so they can be enrolled in these special classes.

The Broader Context of this Effort
The goal in each community is to move over several years to a place where all children in the community are starting school by age six and able to complete at least primary school. We also invest in improving the quality of education offered by schools in these communities. Education programming prepares students to build better lives and stronger communities by focusing on skills that have immediate application outside the classroom.

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Beyond Borders, Inc.
5016 Connecticut Ave NW
Washington, DC 20008

(202) 686-2088



Beyond Borders is working to end child slavery & prevent violence against women and girls in Haiti.

EIN: 232713126

Reports: Guidestar

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