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Acceptance letter to be a sustainUS youth delegate to the upcoming COP18 in Qatar

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Lobbying in the house of representatives to get support for "Stop the Frack Attack" movement

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In a clean up near the sea in Swehan desert, UAE...We found a dead dugong near the coast wrapped in plastic.

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Living in Virginia really close to Washington DC is giving me a lot of experience on how policy works

Help me attend the UNFCC (Framework Convention on Climate Change) COP18 (Conference of Parties) As a youth delegate of Earth and the USA

It all started with an Oprah show episode and a miss-understood word. The words Global Warming appeared to me as Global Warning and that was what really attracted me to watch the show. I was shocked from what I heard during that one hour, but what surprised me even more is that I never heard about it before. After that day I chose to speak about it for my English class presentation, and so I did more research about it. These days marked the start of an endless passion and motivation for change. I immediately realized how important but ignored the subject was, and decided that I wanted to do something about it.

Scince then I have been active in many environmental events, competitions, and awareness campaigns, and have an optimistic look of what the future generation will be able to do.

I am a sophomore at Northern Virginia Community College, planning to transfer next Fall to a four-year university and pursue a double-major in Mechanical Engineering (with a concentration in sustainability) and Public Policy and Leadership. I completed my high-school in 2011 at Al Bashair Private School in Abu Dhabi, which was awarded the title of "Sustainable School". I contributed a lot towards my school's environmental activities and was made president of its Green Club. I also participated in many activities and contests held by The Environmental Agency of Abu Dhabi, and won two annual environmental competition awards. Furthermore, I volunteered in many environmental-related events, including Global Climate Party (Abu Dhabi version), WWF's Earth Hour event in Abu Dhabi, and others. I aspire to create new green technologies and advocate for their use with my leadership skills. I consider myself a global citizen - I am originally from Syria, a country now going through a transformation in many aspects by the hands of its own people. I was born and lived the majority of my life in the modern, rapidly developing United Arab Emirates. Additionally, I am a citizen of the United States, one of the strongest nations in our world. Having been exposed to those diverse cultures and ever-growing nations, I formed an eagerness and will to change the world to the better.

I was chosen by SustainUS organization to attend COP18 UN Climate Change confrence in Doha Qatar this year (26th November-7th December) as a US delegate, and was one of 20 people given the title of "Agents of Change". I want to make my voice heard to the world because if we don't act now it's going to be too late. I also want to learn and see how desicion makers work and what are they doing wrong because someday we will be filling their places.

In Doha I will get the opportunity to participate in official sessions of the Negotiations,draft statements to be read on the floor of the UN, speak to the media, meet with government delegates, and work with other young people committed to climate advocacy.

Please help build well educated and experienced future leaders!


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