Singing in the Holidays


Size 550x415 ausma%27s 2 cropped xmas trees

Singing in the Holidays

Size 550x415 phone%20pic%27s%201163
Size 550x415 the%20voice%20fran%202
Size 550x415 dandelions%20edith%20cropped
Size 550x415 dandelions%20od%20cropped
Size 550x415 pieces%20of%20my%20heart%20%20buck%202 14
Size 550x415 heart%20mosaic%20good%20housekeeping%20cook%20book%20by%20nell%202 14
Size 550x415 pieces%20of%20my%20heart%20%20bill%20s.%202 14
Size 550x415 pieces%20of%20my%20heart%20%20katherine%202 14
Size 550x415 heart%20by%20katherine%20bmca

Blushing Heart by Katherine, Blushing Memories Cosmetic Art

Size 550x415 fall%20by%20buck

Fall Color by Buck, Acrylic& Collage

Size 550x415 heart%20by%20edith%20bmca

Blushing Heart by Edith, Blushing Memories Cosmetic Art

Size 550x415 edith%20watercolor%20collage%20art

Southwest Sunset by Edith, Watercolor & Collage

Size 550x415 leaves%20by%20bill%203

Fallen Leaves by Bill S., Acrylic overlay

Size 550x415 walk%20to%20end%20alzheimer%27s%20my%20volunteers%21

Walk to End Alzheimer's Volunteers

Size 550x415 our%20color%20library%21

Moments of Memory Color Library! Papers were painted, sorted & stored to be cut or torn for future masterpieces!

Size 550x415 a%20geranium%20donna%20c%20%2712geraniums%202012%20028

Geraniums by Donna C., watercolor, acrylic, cosmetics and painted paper collage

Size 550x415 a%20small%20geraniums%20donna%20g.%2712

Geraniums close-up, by Donna G.

Size 550x415 alz%20art%20oct dec%20020

Dragonfly by Edith, painted paper collage

Size 550x415 alz%20art%20oct dec%20026%20edith%20lollipops%20in%20the%20meadow

Lollipop Flowers by Edith, painted paper collage and watercolor.

Size 550x415 alz%20art%20oct dec%20057

Floral Fish by Ausma, watercolor, acrylic and painted paper collage

Size 550x415 alz%20art%20oct dec%20075%20mary%20b

Floral Fish by Mary B., watercolor, acrylic and painted paper collage

Size 550x415 artown%20donna%27s%20watercolor%20vase

Floral Handled Vase by Donna C., string painting and watercolor fill

Size 550x415 donna%20g.%203 12%20watercolor%20cattails

Cattails by Donna G., watercolor.

Size 550x415 artown%20rose%20n.%20sm%20water%20color%20%26%20collage%20spring%20meadow%203 12

Spring meadow by Rose N., watercolor and painted paper collage

Size 550x415 5%20owls%20on%20a%20branch%202

5 Owls on a Branch by Moments of Memory's Alzheimer's Artists, created with women's cosmetics!

Size 550x415 kodaked%20songbirds%20by%20babs

Songbirds by Babs, created with donated women's cosmetics and vintage sheet music!

Size 550x415 reflection%20by%20donna%20sm

Reflection by Donna, created with donated women's cosmetics

Size 550x415 kod%20donna%27s%20naughty%20lady

Naughty Lady by Donna, Nail Polish and vintage sheet music

Size 550x415 edith%27s%20basket%20cropped%20sm

Floral Basket by Edith, a Paper Palette collage

Size 550x415 sunny%20side%20up%20lorma%20sm

Sunny Side Up! by Lorma, a Paper Palette collage

Moments of Memory is a Nevada non-profit offering creative visual art classes to memory care residents and caregivers at no charge.

Thank you for considering Moments of Memory!

We sincerely appreciate your kindness and thoughtfulness any time of the year!

Moments of Memory visual art techniques have been specially designed for people living with Alzheimer's and other memory impairments. Our classes provide a safe and supportive environment for social interaction and self-expression resulting in a non-critical, fail-safe experience and award winning art.

"I can't believe I've done what I did!" stated an Alzheimer's artist after she recognized her name on a beautifully framed work of art. Another Alzheimer's artist nearby said "Oh, this one is beautiful...oh, I did that? I must have, my name is on it!" These are common quotes from our artists while viewing their art after it has been framed and hung for a public gallery showing.

Our artists will focus on a task-at-hand, feeling a sense of accomplishment and belonging in a productive group setting. They glow with pride when their creative efforts are admired and applauded.

There is no other joy like bringing heartfelt happiness, if only for a fleeting moment, to someone with memory impairment who may not remember what happiness feels like.

We aspire to continue our passionate mission for as long as there are loved ones to inspire.

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Moments of Memory is a Nevada non-profit offering creative visual art classes to memory care residents and caregivers at no charge.

EIN: 800368865

Reports: Guidestar


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