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MAPR addresses the needs of homeless pugs by providing veterinary care, a safe foster environment, and placement into a permanent home.

Founded in 2002, Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue (MAPR) is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization (EIN 30-0217237) dedicated to providing for the short and long-term needs of abandoned and surrendered pugs and pug mixes. The mission of MAPR is "let no pug go unloved". MAPR gives rescued pugs veterinary care, a nurturing foster environment, and permanent placement into a loving home. MAPR also provides public education on the special responsibilities of pug ownership and the need for domestic animal population control.

MAPR rescues and places nearly 500 pugs a year throughout MD, VA, WV, NC, SC, eastern Tennessee and the District of Columbia. MAPR does not refuse any pug needing assistance regardless of behavioral or medical issues. We receive needy and abandoned pugs from owner-surrenderers, shelters and animal control facilities, veterinary offices, puppy mills, other rescues, and from individuals who found a stray pug or pug mix.

With our trusted team of over 250 volunteers and veterinarians, MAPR's goals are to: 1) provide all necessary medical care and behavioral training to allow each rescued dog to enjoy the highest quality of life possible and; 2) to unite each rescued dog with a carefully-selected home that best meets his/her needs. Dogs that are too aged or too ill to be adopted become part of the MAPR hospice program where they are cared for in the private homes of our trained volunteers. MAPR provides our hospice pugs with recommended veterinary care, love, and comfort for as long as medically advisable. When appropriate, MAPR provides behavioral consultations to families considering surrendering their pug in order to help them implement changes that will allow them to keep and properly care for their pet.

MAPR strives to give every rescued pug the best medical care possible. Dogs with serious or chronic conditions are treated and remain with us until their medical situation can be resolved or controlled through an ongoing care plan. Barring any special veterinary requirements, all MAPR pugs receive: a basic health exam with a veterinarian; a spay/neuter; testing and treatment for parasites (intestinal parasites, heartworms); vaccinations; an AVID microchip and an MAPR ID tag; flea/tick and heartworm preventative; and a harness and leash.

MAPR is staffed exclusively by volunteers. Our mission is funded by adoption fees and donations. Over 97% of our budget is devoted to providing veterinary care for our rescued pugs. MAPR's current challenge is to continue to meet the growing demand for our services while providing the highest quality of care for our dogs and outstanding service to our adoptive families and the pug breed. Since MAPR accepts all pugs regardless of medical need and often provides costly but critical surgeries (palette reductions, hip and keep procedures), our vet expenses present an ongoing challenge. Income from adoption fees does not cover our expenses on many of the dogs we take in who are sick or ill so budget shortfalls are bridged by donations. In September 2008, we took in nearly a dozen very critically ill pugs and we were able to raise $10,000 for their care in just 26 days through our network of adoptive families, volunteers, friends and pug lovers across the east coast. We are truly grateful to have such a strong body of supporters who believe in our work and the good that we are doing for the breed.

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MAPR addresses the needs of homeless pugs by providing veterinary care, a safe foster environment, and placement into a permanent home.

EIN: 300217237

Reports: Guidestar


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