MSA was ranked  #1 in MN last year based on SAT & MN standardized test scores. Click on each picure for more information


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MSA was ranked #1 in MN last year based on SAT & MN standardized test scores. Click on each picure for more information

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GOAL: 100% Participation from Student Body to Raise $50,000 in One Day - NOV 14, 2013

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Annual Fund contributions up to $32,000 will go towards the purchase and installation of SMART boards for 13 classrooms

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Teachers can apply for up to $10,000 in new Teacher IMPACT Grants if the annual fund raises more than $32,000.

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MSA teachers will each be funded up to $150 for start-up supplies if the annual fund raises more than $42,000.

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All funds raised in excess of $46,000 will be placed in a preventative maintenace fund for our school buildings.

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Classrooms will be fitted with SMART board models that include a projector screen.

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Make your donation on this site by credit card, or pay with check or cash in the school office.

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Many corporations have matching gift programs. Ask at work to see if your employer will match your gift.

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Please give to the Math and Science Academy 2013 Annual Fund Campaign to raise $50,000 for academic enhancements.

Parents, Students and Friends of MSA:

The Math and Science Academy is conducting an Annual Fund Campaign to purchase and install SMART boards in 13 classrooms, begin a new Teacher IMPACT Grant program, provide all teachers with up to $150 for school supplies reimbursement, and start a preventative maintenance fund for future academic enhancements.

Our goal is to have 100% of MSA families contribute to raise $50,000 for our school in ONE DAY. MN Give to the Max Day will be the ONLY administrative fundraiser for the 2013-2014 school year if the $50,000 goal is met.

The Alternative Funding Committee and the Board of Directors have redefined the purpose of MSA’s Annual Fund Drive to “fund academic course expenses that fall outside of the school budget, and to upgrade the schools buildings as needed.”

WHY DO WE NEED TO RAISE FUNDS OUTSIDE OF THE SCHOOL BUDGET? MSA is a charter school that receives funding from the State of MN for educational purposes. Charter schools are not eligible to request levy increases, and therefore do not benefit from levy dollars. Many of our area school district communities will place school levy requests on the November ballot to deal with shortages. It is important to note that MSA is not going to receive any additional funding from any of the area school levies, including South Washington County. Consequently, our Board of Directors is charged with the responsibility to make cuts and/or raise funds to meet our own budget requirements. Over the years MSA has built a strong tradition of raising funds to support our academic excellence.

HOW WILL FUNDS RAISED BE APPROPRIATED? The Annual Fund for 2013 looks to raise $50,000 for four main components that will enhance academic excellence. The projects will be funded in the following order:

1. $32,000 for 13 SMART Boards that were not able to be funded through the building committee

2. $10,000 for educators to apply for Teacher IMPACT Grants to fund innovative academic programs

3. $4,000 for teachers to receive up to $150 each in reimbursements for supplies

4. $4,000 to be invested in a Preventative Maintenance Fund for future building updates

Note that funds must be attained for the SMART boards before the supply reimbursements will be funded. The Teacher IMPACT Grants amount must be achieved before the supply reimbursement will be funded, and the Preventative Maintenance Fund will be started with any dollars raised once the first three projects are fully funded.

WHERE CAN I GET MORE INFORMATION ON THE PROPOSED APPROPRIATIONS? Please feel free to contact MSA Director, Bob Kreischer, at or 651-357-6920 with any questions. MSA families are also encouraged to add their email addresses to the school list serve to receive updates and additional information regarding the Give to the Max Annual Find Drive.

I ALREADY MADE A DONATION AT THE BEGINING OF THE YEAR. Donations made to the Parent Team and through the back-to-school supply list are all important ways to help our students have the best education available in MN. The Math and Science Academy has consistently been rated as one of the top schools in MN based on SAT and MN standardized tests. To continue the tradition of excellent education at MSA, there is also need to look to our community to enhance the academic experience for our students. ALL of our MSA families are encouraged to contribute to the Annual Fund Campaign on November 14, 2013 – MN Give to the Max Day. Some of our families may not be able to contribute a monetary donation. Parents are able to contact the MSA Director, Bob Kreischer, to confidentially discuss alternatives to financial gifts. Together, we can ensure that the Math and Science Academy remains the best school in MN.


Sandeep Chandak

Chair – Board of Directors

Robert Kreischer


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Organization Information

8430 Woodbury Crossing
Woodbury, MN 55125

(651) 578-7507



Please give to the Math and Science Academy 2013 Annual Fund Campaign to raise $50,000 for academic enhancements.

EIN: 411907844

Reports: Guidestar


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