Marcus Gillam

Marcus Gillam

Marcus Gillam 's fundraiser for DREAM BIG!

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Muskoka Half Iron Man - Bike Course

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The finish line... finally!

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Seconds after finishing Ironman Canada 2012

I'm running the 2013 Boston Marathon with Dream Big! a charity that helps disadvantaged young women in sport and I need your support.

Dear Friend,

As many of you are aware I have an interest (which some people including my wife might call twisted!) in endurance sports. Over the last 3 years I have participated in many events including medium- and long-distance running races and triathlons peaking with a top 6% finish at Ironman Canada last year.

It takes a village to raise an athlete and my experience is no different. My introduction to sports began at an early age and was facilitated through my parents including their generous financial and psychological support. I attended a private school which had tremendous resources, great programs and inspiring coaches. I did all sorts of sports including track and field, football, rugby, hockey, skiing, rock climbing, fencing and more.

This experience was instrumental in building a mindset to embrace sport that I now enjoy deeply today. It was also very rewarding in that it equipped me with skills I rely on in life and in business on a day to day basis.

Now that I have three young daughters I want them to have a similar experience. Unfortunately many families are not as fortunate as my family was and many aspiring young women are not able to fulfill their athletic potential.

It is for this reason I have become affiliated with Dream Big!, a charity that provides low-income and homeless girls with sports and fitness equipment, uniforms, athletic footwear, program fees, training expenses, sports opportunities and the supplies they need to participate in sports and physical
activities that contribute to their overall health, fitness and well-being.

On April 15th I am proud to be running in the 2013 Boston Marathon for Dream Big!

Unfortunately, poverty can severely limit a young girl’s involvement in sports and physical activities. Imagine trying to run the Boston Marathon without the proper footwear or sports attire. Every day a girl in need steps on the playing field, court or track without the proper footwear,
equipment, sports attire or training they deserve. Dream Big! has already had a direct, positive effect on more than 3000 girls through equipment donations, program scholarships, sports clinics and the Dream Big! Leadership Conference for middle & high school girls.

Over the next few months the Dream Big! Marathon Team, made up of myself and 14 other runners from around the world will work to raise over $75,000 for Dream Big!. My
personal goal is $7,500 and I hope you will join me in support of this important cause by sponsoring my
42 km marathon run with a donation to Dream Big!. The money I raise will help to impact thousands of girls this year. Whether through an equipment grant for a new pair of sneakers or a new volleyball net so a high school can have
their first ever home game, or a program scholarship so a girl can take dance lessons or go to a summer sports camp, I'm going to know that when I cross the finish line I not only changed my life but I also impacted many of others. For that, I am thankful and hope you will join me by
making a donation today to Dream Big! in recognition of my run. I am appreciative of any support you can give to this remarkable cause.
No donation is too little, no gesture too small.

Yours truly,


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Dream Big! provides girls in need with the items & fees needed for them to participate in sports and physical activities.

EIN: 272204294

Reports: Guidestar

$4,000 RAISED OF $7,500 GOAL
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($3,900 online, $100 offline)

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