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Kie. This is my wonderful mother-in-law and why I chose the Alzheimer's Association as my cause.

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Getting ready to head out - Probably around 10C that day.

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Forgot to make a duck-face.

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August 13, 2012 at 93+Kg (205lbs). Yes, I am on an elephant.

Peter's running the 2013 Tokyo Marathon in February. He's never run one before. Pledge more as Peter runs faster and watch him suffer!

I'm 45. Other than a one-off odd event when I was 16, I've never run a race further than 5 miles. In truth, once I stopped running cross country in 8th grade, I've never really run much at all until last year, when I started running (Well, at the start, shuffling.) a couple times a week because I was disgusted with how pathetically out of shape I had become.

In August I applied to run in the Tokyo Marathon on February 24, 2013. and last week I was notified that my name had been picked in the lottery to run. So, I'm definitely running, and instead of it costing me $1200 to run as a charity runner, it is costing me about $150 to run as a lottery winner. I've always been lucky.

A few nights ago I decided that I want to use this event to do something other than get me to finish a marathon. I am going to use this event to get me to finish a marathon in under 4 hours, and I am going to use my suffering to help a charity while also making this more fun for the donors and applying more pressure on me.

Basically, you're going to bet against me. As a baseline, if I don't break 4 hours I will match everyone's donation up to a total of $1000. When you pledge, you can also note at which time you are willing to pay, and how much. If, for example, I get a lot of people bumping up their pledges at 3:50 instead of 4:00, then I know where I need to be (And how much I have to suffer...) to get that money.

I want to make this fun for everyone while pushing myself and raising as much money as possible, so I'll do the whole social networking thing and post updates on Facebook and maybe Google+. You'll get to see me suffer, change your pledges as you see my times and training progress, and watch as I go from 200+lbs of forty-five-year-old blah to whatever it is this turns me into.

You can note on the Facebook Page what your pledge is, and then we'll do housekeeping at the end. You can, of course, just make a flat donation here as well. If you do that, I'll automatically match it up to $1000.

Oh, and the donations go to the Alzheimers Association. Kie, my mother-in-law, is in her second year after being diagnosed. She lives with us, and she is dealing with her memory loss with more cheerfulness, charm, and humor than most people are born possessing. She gave me her daughter, who gave me mine. For that, I owe her more than I can ever repay.

Game on, folks!

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