Smiling faces show the love that is given through our work.


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You are the heart of Love INC!

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Smiling faces show the love that is given through our work.

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School children receive backpacks and supplies to help them start their year right.

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1,472 neighbors were served through our Food for Friends program

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We share the Love of Christ through prayer and thanksgiving.

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Love INC - Heartland is a network of 24 local churches serving neighbors in need, bringing hope and the Love of Christ.

Love, In the Name of Christ - Heartland

Our mission is to mobilize local churches to transform lives and communities In the Name of Christ. Working with our 24partner churches, we serve the communities of Corcoran, Delano, Greenfield, Howard Lake, Independence, Loretto, Maple Plain, Mayer, Montrose, Rockford, Watertown, and Waverly, Minnesota.

Love INC - Heartland creates opportunities for churches and others in our community to work together to help our neighbors in need. Our goal is to offer practical and manageable ways to bring help, encouragement, support, and hope to those in need in our community.

Resources operating independently are often not adequate to meet current and growing levels of need. One church alone cannot deal with all the complex issues of poverty. It takes churches working together - across denominational lines - to meet these multifaceted needs. Love INC can do what the others can't. Agencies, charities and government can provide a safety net to help those in need, but they can't love and bring transformation like Love In the Name of Christ can.

2013 was an incredible year for Love INC - Heartland. We met over 11,634 needs through the help of over 22,500 volunteer hours from our 24 partner churches. In total, we served 8% of the population in the 12 communities we serve.

Reflecting the difficult economy, our 2014 year-to-date requests for assistance are up dramatically. We have already added more than 318 families we are working with. This is a number that puts us significantly ahead of this time last year.

One of our greatest strengths is the unwavering generosity of our donors. On behalf of Love INC - Heartland, our partner churches, and our communities, we thank you for your support. Eighty four cents of each dollar donated goes directly to programs to help our neighbors in need.

Love INC - Heartland helps people be self sufficient.

Our Relational/Transformational ministry classes have helped many people to become more independent. One family in the classes started the program while the parents were at odds with each other concerning finances. The couple would barely look at each other. After their first night of budgeting classes a high school aged child of theirs told us he could go to college. He understood from the classes that to save and improve grades a person can go to college. That is exactly what this student did. A transformation occurred from not caring about school to diligently doing homework. The parents were amazed and proud to watch as their child was invited into advanced programs at the school. Through the budgeting classes the parents began to look at finances in a different way and their relationship changed. They reported more love and less stress in the home, the children were all doing better in school. They now have a college student in their family for the first time ever. They are grateful to people like you that support these programs and make it possible.

We had another family in the program ask for a bible (the classes all have homework including scripture reading). We happily gave them one. After working with the Love INC - Heartland family of volunteers they felt comfortable telling us that they formerly were a part of a church. When they experienced a extremely difficult time in life they abandoned the church blamed God and even threw away their bibles. Through the Love of Christ and the prayerful hope and support found in the Love INC - Heartland community they regained hope and a desire to again join a church and raise their children in a faith community.

On average around the country families that are in this particular program for a year will pay down $10,000 in debt.

Love INC - Heartland has many ministries and programs that are solely supported through generous gifts from people like you. To learn more about programs or ways you can volunteer please contact our office or website.

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Love INC - Heartland is a network of 24 local churches serving neighbors in need, bringing hope and the Love of Christ.

EIN: 731713948

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