Orphan in PAP, Haiti


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Orphan in PAP, Haiti

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We are proactively seeking out ways to get involved with communities around the world to provide homes for orphans.

Our family has adopted from China twice. During our adoption journeys everyone but us seemed focused on the rescue aspect of what we were doing. To us we were simply expanding our family through a means the Lord provided. To others, we were rescuing children from a life of despair and hardship.

It was not until I experienced the living conditions of my daughter’s first three years of life that the rescue aspect of adoption became apparent.

A few days after being introduced to our daughter, I hired a driver and translator to take me on the six hour ride through the remote countryside of China to a small fishing village where Elani was born. It was there I saw her orphanage, the patio on which she was left, and met the nice nannies who cared for her the first three years of her life. I was taken into the room where Elani stayed. Her metal crib where she spent eighteen hours a day was grouped with many others. Every crib was full except Elani’s; she was now in a hotel with her new family. The rest of the children remained in their cribs hoping to become approved for adoption and chosen by a forever family. Many had special needs and her best friend, like Elani, had a cleft lip. Her friend was lonely now since Elani was no longer there to reach through the rails and touch. As I reached out my hand to the children, they leaned back not knowing how to accept affection. In this difficult environment the kids had no blankets, no mattresses, and no attention. Though I handed them each a sweet treat, they had no understanding it was to be eaten and enjoyed. The notion of anything good was completely foreign.

I often think of Elani’s friend who remained in her crib the day I left. My heart breaks for her and the other children who remain hopeful for forever families. For all I know she may still be waiting. And as I watch Elani run, play, learn, laugh, and receive love in an incredibly supportive environment, my heart breaks when it remembers the contrast between this life and the other. And it is through this heartbreak Love Has Come was formed. Our goal is to be the advocate for children around the world who have no voice. We desire to pursue these children and help introduce them to their forever families. We desire to connect the orphans of the world to hope, love, and joy. We desire to bring them the Good News of the gospel and for those who remain in their countries we hope to bring them daily provisions, education, and the tools required to live successfully and fully in their culture. We desire to build people through the love of Christ. Love has come to us through God. Love will come to the fatherless through us.

Marc Spear LHC President

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We are proactively seeking out ways to get involved with communities around the world to provide homes for orphans.

EIN: 320335371

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