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Students serving other students and children in the schools, orphanages, villages, and cities of Cambodia this summer.

I have been extreamly blessed by someone out there! I found out about a week ago that someone donated for me to go to Cambodia! Something that before was not feasibly possible. I had simply given the whole situation to God in Febuary, when it did not seemed possible I had to drop out of the trip. Then God provided for me to go!

Not everyone has had God provide for them in the same way. God is a creative God, He has so many diffrent ways to provide for His children. There are still several people who are still trusting through faith for God to provide for them.

Please prayerfully consider donating to this trip!

1One of the ministries we will be working with in Cambodia is "Remember Nhu," which rescues children in danger of being sold into sex slavery. Check out Nhu's story, and how this ministry came to be: Remember Nhu was conceived in 2003-2004 by Carl Ralston of Akron, Ohio. In November 2003, Ralston was attending a conference hosted by the Christian and Missionary Alliance in Cambodia when he was made aware of the horrific problem of child sex trafficking. Particularly striking was the story of Chup Ly, a 16 year-old who was sold into the sex-slave trade and died three years later of AIDS. After telling Chup Ly’s story, the missionary speaker then told of Nhu, a 12-year-old girl who had committed her life to Jesus Christ, was baptized, grew as a Christian, and began to share publicly her faith. However, a Bud- dhist family member then sold her virginity, partly as an act of disapproval of Nhu’s conversion to Christ. At that time, the missionary did not know what had become of Nhu. Ralston felt inspired by God to “Remember Nhu” and in December of 2003 committed to God that he would do everything in his power to eliminate the use of children in the sex trade industry around the world. In 2004, Ralston finished a master’s degree in Religion in which his final project created Remember Nhu: a ministry that would prevent children from entering the sex trade by meeting the physical, emotional, education, and spiritual needs of potential victims. Oh, and Nhu? She is now safe and became the first official employee of Remember Nhu! She manages Agape Beauty Salon in Cambodia, which employees other young women who, without the intervention of Remember Nhu, may also have been sold into the child sex trade. Many of their customers at the beauty salon are young ladies who have been sold into prostitution, and Nhu and the others are able to share with them the amazing love of Jesus. We are excited to partner with Remember Nhu to help rescue these children. You can join us by giving. Your tax-deductible donation will help us serve in Cambodia this summer. Thank you! Here is a video about Remember Nhu, and a message from its founder Carl Ralston, and its namesake Nhu from their time at Horizon Community Church last fall.

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