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Pauline (right) intently observing

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checking the compost

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14 mos later, Pauline rejoicing with her harvest

Impoverished people and communities, mismanaged land & these broken relationships restored as people discover God's design for all of life.

For those of you following Pauline, here is a short update.

Pauline: September 2012

Our paths cross again in Zambia in September 2012. Pauline continues to prosper in her own country amoung her people with her agriculture and leadership skills. So much so, she shares, "One of my neighbors, a farmer, requested to hire the young man I employ for her own farm. She needs someone with the skills and character to help her on her farm. I have added value to the young man to the point he now is valuable to someone else." Paluline accepts the request. It has put a burden on Pauline, but she has a huge smile on her face.

Living Seeds Initiative approaches the need for sustainable change by addressing the root issues found in worldviews rather than focusing on the external symptoms of poverty. They understand that people don't change simply by bringing things to them, doing things for them, or telling them how things should be done. Real and lasting change comes by leading people in a discovery process of the Kingdom of God. This is illustrated in the Lord’s Prayer where Jesus prayed, ‘Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven'.
Dedicated to enlighten, equip and empower the church, development workers and surrounding communities to engage in the complex issues of hunger, poverty and natural resource stewardship through Biblically based Agriculture and Development training, Living Seeds Initiative views life and agriculture through the eyes of a loving, merciful and creative God, and believes man restored to his Creator is the greatest hope for positive change.
Working primarily through mentoring and training of local workers as well as those working in development and missions to facilitate transformation of both the heart and the soil, Living Seeds Initiative desires people of every economic sphere to discover God's created intentions for life, and live according to these intentions. This discovery leads to truth in relationships for all areas of life -- spiritual, physical, social and mental.

Those best positioned to effect grassroots change (local workers) often lack resources to get properly equipped and prepared for the task. They do not need a hand-out or someone else to do their work. They need partners to come alongside to mentor and coach them in the work of transformation. They need understanding of root causes to problems – and how to align solutions with truth so they can lead their communities and organizations to lasting change.

Lasting and sustainable transformation comes to individuals, families and communities when they view life as a journey of discovery, approach life as learners, and apply biblical truths to the ever changing and dynamic world around them.

Following the example of Jesus, LSI helps to enlighten workers from partner agencies and organizations with biblical ideas and vision, equipping them with technical knowledge and skills, empowering them with hope for the future and motivating them to engage in the dynamic challenges of life.

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Impoverished people and communities, mismanaged land & these broken relationships restored as people discover God's design for all of life.

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