Members of the board: Jack, Robert and Dave, with Cathy


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Members of the board: Jack, Robert and Dave, with Cathy

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Working on Jennifer's car!

The Lift Garage is a nonprofit provides low-cost car repair to low income adults in Minnesota.

When Cathy Heying, the founder of The Lift Garage, worked for St. Stephen's Church in Minneapolis, MN for many years, they had many people come to the church asking for money. A lot of that money was for car repairs. The story often was: I have a job in the suburbs but can only afford housing in the city. There is no transit that allows me to drop my kids at day care and get to work on time without leaving 3 hours early. My car broke down and if I can't get it fixed I can't get to work and I will lose my job because we just moved out of shelter and are living paycheck to paycheck. If I lose my job, I will lose my housing and end up back in shelter. In order to end poverty and homelessness we must find ways to bridge the huge transportation gap that exists. Thus, the vision for The Lift Garage was born. Cathy went back to school to obtain an AA degree in Auto Technology and we have since raised some money, obtained 501c3 status, recruited an active Board of Directors and much more. We opened our doors on April 13, 2013!

Our first customer that day was a woman named Jennifer and here is what she had to say about The Lift:

Dominic was diagnosed with a brain tumor in January 2013. He had surgery to remove and thankfully the tumor was non-cancerous! Dominic suffered some post-surgical complications that led to many weeks in the hospital and intense outpatient rehab therapy. Transportation to and from his daily therapy appointments is crucial. Being a single mom of four children, when I started having car problems and my vehicle was no longer safe to transport my children, I became very worried. Being out of work for several months made the idea of a car repair out of my financial reach, looking at several hundred dollars worth of repairs! Once I was referred to The Lift Garage my worries were erased. I was
fortunate enough to be the first car repair on the day of their grand opening! Cathy and her staff were able to inspect my vehicle, research the problems with
both the brakes and headlight, and then efficiently repair my car. The mechanics were very thorough and explained and showed me the problems my
vehicle was having with the brakes, rotors, and headlight. Within hours I was back on the road safely! Had it not been for their awesome work and kindness
they showed me, I do not know how my Dominic would be able to continue his much needed therapy. The Lift Garage is a great program for struggling
families. What they do is special and
forever our family will be grateful!

Since that first day we have been open every Saturday and have helped make over 50 repairs for people struggling to make ends meet. We want to be open 5 days a week to help meet the need and your donation will move us towards that goal!

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The Lift Garage is a nonprofit provides low-cost car repair to low income adults in Minnesota.

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