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Liberty For The Captive: Help End Human Trafficking

Tim Honeycutt 's fundraiser for Courage Worldwide, Inc.

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Raising money and awareness by running a half-marathon to end human trafficking and give victims a real chance to thrive

Did you know that every year in just the United States 100,000 girls as young as 11 years old are being sold into sexual slavery? Did you know that Sacramento is one of the top 5 U.S. cities that captures, sells, and tortures these girls? Did you ever think about doing something about this injustice?

I believe that human beings want to be known, loved, and experience all the good life has to offer. I believe this is the most horrific injustice that is occurring in the world today and that we can, and have to, do something about it.

I first learned about this injustice last year and was floored. While i intended to do something about it, i never really did. Sure i prayed about it from time to time, but I knew that's definitely not all i should be doing. I have finally decided to do something. While I'm on this earth, I can't sit back and do nothing.

Francis Chan, author of NY Times bestseller Crazy Love, once said, "I don't even like calling it 'human trafficking,' I like calling it 'little kids are being raped repeatedly right now, and that should break our hearts.’” I agree and I’m going to do something about this. Do you want to join me?

While much more than simply giving money will end this slavery, I want to start by raising awareness and money to support Courage Worldwide, an organization that is on the mission to build homes for girls to live in when they are rescued from sex slavery. Courage Homes offer a holistic approach to restoration and flourishing. Mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs are addressed on an individual basis, and girls can live there until they are 22 years old. Courage Homes give girls a real chance at life.

Learn more here: http://courageworldwide.org/the-problem/


To raise money and awareness, I will be running a half marathon (13.1 miles) in Vacaville, CA on March 30th. I thought to myself, “I want to raise money to fight human trafficking and I want to have a goal that will help me get in better shape. What if I run a half marathon as a way to raise money and awareness!” So that’s what I’m doing.

If you are wondering what running a marathon has to do with raising money to fight human trafficking, I have as well so let me make it clear. My hope is that you will donate to this cause because you want to fight this injustice, not so I can run well and get in shape. For me, running the race helps me get in shape and raise awareness. I will be wearing a Courage Worldwide shirt during the race, raising awareness to people in person, through social media, and other means. I will also be asking friends of mine to join me in training and running the race so they can do the same.

The result: young girls have a chance to thrive, more people fight this injustice, and I get in shape.

Any amount you donate will be greatly appreciated and be used in powerful ways. I encourage you to put yourself in the girls’ shoes and respond in love.

My heart breaks for these girls. God's heart breaks for these girls. I hope yours does to. Let's end this slavery!

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Courage Worldwide, Inc.
3031 Stanford Ranch Road, SUITE 2, #339




Courage Worldwide is a non-profit organization building homes in the U.S. and around the world for child victims of sex trafficking.

EIN: 203126288

Reports: Guidestar

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