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Let Haiti Live


This July I will be volunteering in Haiti for 10 days to support Let Haiti Live. Please help support the project!


This July I will be volunteering in Haiti for 10 days to support Let Haiti Live, a non-profit investing in Haitian-led initiatives that strengthen the people’s ability to become more self-sufficient economically, socially and environmentally.

We will be working with 40 youth that are part of the JADPE program (Youth in Action for Development and Protection of the Environment). We will be conducting a ten day Summer Camp teaching kids ranging from ages 5-20 English language skills and leadership development (among other relevant topics). We also are planning a construction project that will support the expansion of the group’s tree nursery and reforestation efforts in the community. Our work will help empower youth leaders, help families grow food and support Haiti's environment.

Youth empowerment is CRUCIAL to helping Haitians rebuild their country. Your donation will support the education and construction projects we will be developing in Haiti to support this group of youth leaders as well as subsidize volunteer housing and food costs.

Thank you for your support - even $10 helps! All donations collected through this website go to the Haiti project we are working on in July.

Your support will:

*Provide hot lunches for 40 kids for the two weeks.
* Go towards the educational materials that they need for the summer camp.
* Enable us to work on a construction project to expand Let Haiti Live's capacity.

Please help me reach my goal of raising $500 for Let Haiti Live by July 20th!

Your donation means a lot to me and to the youth at the JADPE project.

My sincere thanks,


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